Summer Scents That Shine Like The Sun

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Versace has been making perfumes for years. I’ve loved and owned many Versace scents, and they have changed to suit the times. They started out strong & flashy in the 80s and have become kindler and gentler over time. They are softer now, but they have turned their bombastic design to their bottles. Two that always catch my eye are the stunning Bright Crystal & Yellow Diamond. They are gorgeous treasures that would look beautiful on any dressing table or vanity, and make you feel pretty just spraying them on. Only Versace could pull off such fun and playful flash!
Versace Bright Crystal came out in 2006 and is a lovely soft fruity floral scent. It is pretty and fresh and easy to wear, with yummy notes of pomegranate & yuzu, and gentle peony, magnolia and lotus. The soft musk base adds a clean almost soapy note to Bright Crystal, which makes sitting next to someone in this perfume a pleasant experience, as opposed to a choking or overwhelming one. If you enjoy a soft sheer floral perfume, Bright Crystal would be a great addition to your collection.
Versace Yellow Diamond, released in 2011, is a variation the Bright Crystal scent, but replace the red fruits with lemons, limes, neroli and pear sorbet. There is a sweet dessert note here but it is tempered wonderfully by the citrus. This is a perfect summer perfume and just sniffing my wrist makes me crave a tall frosted glass of lemonade. Add some amber & musks to warm up the base and you have a perfume that dries down to a lovely skin scent. 
Verdict? Two lovely Versace perfumes for summer, so you can choose. Or, you can choose both! The bottles would look perfect together and you could have a perfect summer perfume wardrobe to choose from! 

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