My Favourite Gentle, Clean & Green Body Moisturizers

I’m a moisturizer fanatic and testing out the various body lotions, potions, creams and oils that come to DALY BEAUTY is one of my favourite things. I noticed that recently my favourites fall into the clean, natural, green, and/or organic category. Many readers and followers ask me for body moisturizers for their dry and sensitive skin, so what a perfect opportunity to share these with you. As the weather gets cool and the humidity goes down, our skin needs a little extra TLC. These beautiful lotions are all wonderful ways to treat your skin with gentle moisture.


Eminence Organics, Sangre de Fruta, Elabloom


Eminence Organics Rosehip & Lemongrass Soothing Hydrator ($58 CAD) is a gorgeous and luxe nourishing body lotion which can also be used on the face. Eminence Organics is one of my absolute favourite organic skincare lines. Everything has a luxe It was created for post-sun exposure but can be used anytime your skin feels parched. I love to use it after a bath or shower, and it helps seal all the moisture into my skin while it soothes and smells just lovely. The scent is soft and dissipates as the skin absorbs the lotion, so it leaves only soft happy skin behind.

Key Ingredients:

Rosehip Tea: Contains Vitamin C; revitalizes the look of skin
Aloe: (cactus plant) Heals, moisturizes and soothes dry skin
Sunflower Oil: Rich in Vitamins A, D and E; protects and soothes dry skin
Natural Repair Complex: Derived from rosehip and rosemary, repairs dry skin faster and reduces redness due to dryness. Protects from the drying effects of environmental stress
Menthol: Astringent
Camphor: Produces a cooling sensation
Lemongrass: A natural astringent that minimizes pores

Sangre de Fruta Botanical Body Creams (from $32 CAD) are simply divine! They come in different scents, and I have Neroli Forever and  Vetiver & Fleur, and their fragrances are soft and natural. The line is comprised of water-free formulations made of locally sourced, organic and wild-crafted plant-based ingredients. The brand’s focus is on texture – featuring a signature whipped-butter consistency – and the scent of natural perfumery. Using these body creams soothes the skin and uplifts the spirit. The texture is unique among body creams, and the best way to describe them would be a divine and rich whipped oil. Who doesn’t love the sound of that? Sangre de Fruta Botanical Body Creams are super rich and concentrated, and it’s quite amazing how just a small dime sized amount can cover a large amount of skin. The scent is never over whelming and the cream itself makes skin glow beautifully.

Elabloom is a brand that is completely new to me. The name Ela is “earth” in Sanskrit. It was created out of a desire to offer natural quality skincare at an affordable price and is proudly paraben, petroleum, and phthalate free. I was sent a bottle of the Elabloom Spray & Go Body Lotion  ($16.95 CAD) to test and it was love at first spritz. It has a creamy yet light liquid texture, and is perfect for someone who does not want a greasy feel after applying their moisturizer. It truly feels like a drink for the skin, and as I apply it, it feels refreshing. The fragrance is soft and gentle, with the coconut being predominant. It is their “Divine” scent, which is coconut and vanilla based – but again, it’s very soft. I’d say this is a great product for the price, but I was saying it was a great product before I saw the price.




DALY BEAUTY was sent these products for my honest opinion and review

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