My Review of The Entire Vichy Teint Ideal Illuminating Makeup Collection

Vichy has created a line of foundations that help reveal your skin and glow instead of masking it. In this Instagram age of beauty, we are now “baking” our skin, and using layers of correctors, bases and powders until there isn’t a pore in sight! Ugh, no thank you. That has never been my objective when applying makeup. I don’t like feeling the weight of anything on my skin, or not being able to actually see my skin. This becomes more important as we age, when makeup that is too thick, or not emollient, can settle into lines.

Neovadiol Cream is a perfect base for the Teint Ideal Illuminating Makeup – only mascara in this photo….eek! Also, please ignore the rogue bangs. There is always That Moment when we regret our bangs, amirite?


 The Vichy Teint Ideal range has different formulas designed to reveal light and beauty in each type of skin, irrespective of age and lifestyle. Vichy has created a formula conceals and illuminates your skin, while it improves the appearance of the skin, andreflects your true beauty and ideal skin. Formulated with a selection of extremely fine shimmer particles dispersed in a liquid for perfectly even distribution on skin surface. The shimmer is hidden in such a way that when light hits the face, your skin glows and doesn’t look like it’s covered in sparkle. I love this! Vichy invited me to try their new makeup and we had a lot of fun taking pics and making a couple videos!

Do you have dry skin that needs moisture and nourishment? Then the Vichy Teint Ideal Illuminating Cream Foundation would work best for you. It is a bit rich for my skin, but drier skin types will LOVE this formula! It is a moisturizing and nourishing formula with the signature invisible yet glowing shimmer.



Normal to oily skinned folks like me will love the Vichy Illuminating Fluid Foundation and/or the the Vichy Illuminating Compact Foundation. I love the powder compact because it’s quick and easy to get a natural and soft glowing look using just a big fluffy brush. Just dust evenly all over your face and you’re done! The Fluid Foundation is creamy yet light, and applies beautifully with fingers or a foundation brush.

I love using the Fluid Foundation with a sponge. I just mist some Vichy Thermal Water on my sponge, dab a few dots of Vichy Illuminating Fluid Foundation on my face, then use my sponge to blend. The Vichy Thermal Water is not only a perfect prep for your skin before application, but makes blending a dream! Remember, just because our skin is oily, doesn’t mean it isn’t dehydrated. Adding the Vichy Thermal Water helps feed our skin, plump it up and add a glow. And of course, a gentle mist of Vichy Thermal Water adds a dewy natural look to makeup and sets it.



The Illuminating Compact Foundation comes with a sponge for heavier coverage, but I prefer a using a big powder brush for a soft and natural look. I just dust it all over my face after applying concealer, blending it down my neck and hairline, then I apply blush and……my Vichy Teint Ideal Bronzer! And oh what a lovely bronzer it is.



Vichy has also released a genius concealer and highlighter. They both have a light as air texture on skin, and are easy to blend. The tubes have a metal roller ball for application and they release the perfect amount of product.


The Teint Ideal Concealer makes me think of that famous wand highlighter, but if it actually was a concealer. Lightens and brightens while still covering dark circles under eyes and imperfections.



The Teint Ideal Highlighter is simply awesome, and adds a beam of light without glitter. It’s the beautiful glowy highlighter of my dreams, and I’m using it every day! It works perfectly for a soft everyday glow, or use more for a dramatic sexy glow.

Vichy’s bronzer is never ruddy or orange, very easy to blend and intensify if needed. It also makes adding a little contour as easy as a few swipes with your bronzer brush, as you can see in the look below:

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  1. lisa_carbone

    I match to the #45 Honey and Medium in the compact. I cannot wait to try this! Thanks Jane and Vichy Canada!

    Cheers Lisa

  2. Mary

    I was matched up to #15 Ivory and Light in the compact. Love how luminous and lightweight this foundation is!

  3. flowerchild23

    I was matched #25 sand and light in the compact

    Liked @vichycanada Instagram page


  4. Thor Kris

    #35 rosy sand and medium. Thanks for showcasing such amazing products! Really love your snaps.


  5. pinksuzanne

    #15 Ivory for the Cream and Fluid foundation and light for the Compact Powder.
    Liked on instagram suzannegiroux
    suzanne dot giroux at gmail dot com

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