My Shower Is A Turkish Delight

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Oooh, LUSH, you’ve done it again. You’ve made my shower experience so fabulous I want to drain my hot water tank (don’t laugh – it’s happened). I love roses, and when I sniffed LUSH Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie I knew it was love. It is the cleanest prettiest soapiest rose scent, and just smelling it makes me feel clean. It’s meant to be smoothed all over the body, like a lotion, in the shower. You leave it on for a few minutes then rinse to reveal soft, smooth rose-scented skin. Turkish Delight as dessert is really sweet and powdery, and in perfume it tends to be syrupy and too much for me. LUSH’s Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie is just the right amount of sweet with the perfect amount of rosy clean goodness. It is particularly lovely at bedtime, or after a day in the heat. It cools and soothes the skin beautifully. It pairs beautifully with my Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. The scent of Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie sort of reminds of rose shaped guest soaps my aunt had – kind of precious and too pretty to use, but they smelled so good and tempting!

I’d love a perfume that smells like Turkish Delight Shower Cream, LUSH. Just thought I’d mention it…


LUSH Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie is around $34 for a 7oz tub. Mine lasted a few months easily – it’s rich and a little goes a long way.

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Reader Comments

  1. The Perfumed Dandy

    Dear Jane

    Oh dear, that sounds rather like the start of a letter to an agony aunt, and nothing could be further from the truth as here you bring us news of bathing ecstasy!
    I love the idea of a Turkish Delihht Bain Douche.
    I suppose there is a slight problem, or perhaps a quandary, why is it that I love so many Lush products, but find entering a store, or even nearing one just a bit well lot too much!?!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. dalybeauty

    Mr Dandym, I find that bringing a hot steaming coffee with me when I shop anywhere overly perfumed helps calm the nose. I sip and inhale it’s coffee goodness regularly!

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