Driven To Distraction by Thrills and Tentation – Oh, Chanel.

Warning: pedicure/toes photo ahead! I’ve recently heard from people who are freaked out by foot photos, so I thought I would offer a warning. Although if you’re here it’s likely too late. Ooops.

I recently became obsessed with some Chanel Le Vernis shades from their summer 2012 collection. That would be the hot pink Tentation, the coral Distraction and shimmery pink Frisson. There was a white pearl, but since I have the gorgeous Dior Lady, I did not feel like I needed the white one.

chanel le vernis 541 Tentation
Chanel Le Vernis Tentation, two coats, daylight

Chanel Tentation is a stunning fuschia/red with an bluish- purple shimmer. It is not as “secret” as Chanel’s shimmers usually are, instead, the nature of this colour combination makes both the base and shimmer glow. I feel like a demented magpie when I wear Tentation on my fingers because I cannot stop staring at it. The formula is flawless and I get full coverage in two coats.

chanel le vernis 549 distraction
Chanel Le Vernis Distraction, two coats, daylight

Chanel Distraction is hand’s down my new favourite coral nail polish. It is simply beyond gorgeous, and the shimmer in Distraction is a fuschia-purple. It’s more subtle than the shimmer in Tentation, but it still glows with a magic only Chanel could create. It is my pedi colour of the summer so far. I find that pretty much every other colour in my collection matches the coral tone of Distraction, so it’s versatile as well as beautiful. Also a perfect formula, not too thick or thin, and two coats is opaque enough for me.

Chanel Le Vernis Frisson, two coats, in direct sunlight
Chanel Le Vernis Frisson, two coats, in direct sunlight

Channel Frisson (“thrill” in French!) is a soft semi sheer pink with gold iridescent shimmer that shows up *just* enough to make this more interesting than a simple sheer. It’s the perfect pretty in pink shade, and even though 2 coats isn’t completely opaque, I prefer it to three, which is opaque. It is soft and elegant but the gold shimmer adds a sparkle to your fingertips. Another gorgeous smooth formula in Frisson. Chanel’s Mica Rose is a bit pinker with a silvery white shimmer. Chanel Jade Rose is more of a peachy nude pink with a pinkish shimmer. So Frisson is obviously different enough that I needed it for my pink Chanel collection.

If you want to have your mind blown by incredible photos of this collection, sashay on over to this post on Ommorphia Beauty Bar and get your wallet out.

This Chanel collection appears to be available (separately) online and at select Chanel counters and boutiqes.

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