Nails Inc Almost White Nails Are Really The New White

I’ve been loving the bright white opaque nails that have been popping up all over social media lately. I was perusing the Nails Inc display at Sephora recently and the Nails Inc New White collection caught my eye. It distracted me from the Victoria Beckham Nails Inc collex, which I had gone in for, as I was comparing the New Whites to her Limited Edition Bamboo White. Are they similar? Sure looks like it. Do I still want hers? Sadly, yes, along with that gorgeous orange-red. Anyways I digress.

I walked out of Sephora with Whitehall – PAUSE. Nails Inc did a magnetic shade called Whitehall, that is a metallic teal shade, which was quite confusing when I tried to search for swatches of their NEW Whitehall. Come on, guys.

Anyways, I love the new Nails Inc Whitehall, and everywhere I had a hand out, I got complimented and asked what shade I was wearing. It’s a perfectly executed white-pink shade combined with that Nails Inc signature shine that ensures you never get into that chalky look. I know it’s kind of hot right now, but it’s not me. I LOVE this shade! Their website calls Whitehall a barely there peach, but I find it’s a petal pink.

Nails Inc New Whites Whitehall swatch dalybeauty


This winter weather is wreaking havoc on my nails! So I’m taking good care of them and using my beloved Nail Butter, and my Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Duo with their amazing Pink Gel Coat & Clear Gel Coat. I got their handy little travel set of both on my last Sephora trip.

Nail Butter Pink Gel Coat dalybeauty


I’m also back to taking these – the last time I did, my nails grew like crazy and were extra strong. Trying them again. Have you ever taken a supplement for your nails and/or hair?




Nails Inc are available online on their website and Sephora, online and in-store for $14 USD.


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  1. WOWZA5

    This is so ironic and timely–I just thought all the same exact things about this polish. I bought VB Bamboo White online by way of swatches I had seen but was at the store and actually tried it on and thought it was too easily dupable to OPI. Then I noticed this Whitehall color online (with a nicer price) and it looks spot on for what i hope to be my HG white/pink. I wish I had seen it/tried while at Sephora returning the VB. I also noticed (when I went to look for swatches online) that the name Whitehall had already been used by Nails Inc for their metallic green and thought that to be quite weird!
    I recently picked up the pink gel coat with my 100 points perk. It is a nice size bottle and I really like the formula so I thought it worth using another 100 points to get a back up. I haven’t tried the “strengthens” version. How do you put these on? Thanks for sharing your swatch, I think it is exactly the shade I am hoping for ♥ and there doesn’t seem to be any other swatches out there!

  2. dalybeauty

    I love the little bottle of Pink Gel Coat. I find these thick gel-type polishes get really thick and unusable in bigger bottles, the small ones are perfect! I have the Strengthen version as well, but can’t really tell how it differs from Pink Gel Coat. I love how if I want nude nails, I can use 2 coats of the Pink and my nails look healthy and are super strong! I use the Pink Gel Coat as a base, wait for it to dry, then apply 2 coats of Whitehall.

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