Natural Logic Skincare Review: Eternal Milk & LUNA Red Wine Bioferment Mask

I was so excited to get my most recent package from The Boxwalla with these goodies from Natural Logic as I’ve seen the LUNA mask all over social media and was dying to try it. Of course it exceeded all my expectations and was gorgeous. But I was also completely blown away by the Eternal Milk. In fact I loved it so much I used over the half the bottle before I could even photograph it. That’s a sure sign of true love.

Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra in a milk bath…

Natural Logic Eternal Milk $88 USD

What it is: a weightless serum containing peptides, vitamin C, niacinamide, rosehips, squalene, hyaluronic acid, Korean red ginseng, date seed extract, among other things.

What it claims to do: increase collagen production, improve firmness, contour and tone, improve elasticity, and defend against sun damage. Consistent, daily use yields the appearance of stronger, firmer, more toned skin.

My review: the texture of Eternal Milk is the perfect hybrid of a lotion and serum that my mature combination skin just adores. It’s absolutely more hydrating that any other hyaluronic serum I’ve used and leaves my skin with a lasting moisturizing effect. Over the two months that I’ve been using Eternal Milk my skin is soothed, my acne has been kept at bay and I’m moisturized and plumped. It’s the perfect base for my creams, spf and makeup and is truly one of my most favourite skincare discoveries this year.

Verdict- LOVE!

LUNA Biofermented Red Wine Mask $78 USD

What it is: a seasonal limited edition facial mask made from micro batch in house crafted fermented red wine.

What it claims to do: impart moisture balance and antioxidant nourishment, while delivering intense hydration and luminosity, evening skin tone, and boosting natural radiance, while strengthening skin’s barrier and protecting against water loss.

My review: the first thing that I notice is the intense fragrance of gorgeous red wine. I don’t really drink alcohol – the occasional aperitif or toast of champagne is all- but I do love the aroma of a full bodied red and found it lovely while applying this mask. However if you don’t like that smell it’s something to keep in mind. This is a fermented red wine mask and the smell is quite strong. The experience of applying LUNA is gorgeous. I used a flat wide brush and just slowly painted in on my skin and it felt wonderful. It’s cooling, soothing and feels like a smoothie for skin. It’s intended to sit on skin for thirty to sixty minutes so I put on Season 3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and sat through one episode. I know. Judge me! I’m recovering from my second COVID infection and my brain can’t handle anything too intellectual. Anyways I then gently wiped it off with a wet flannel and was left with glowing skin I’ve only used it twice but as of now LUNA is my favourite hydrating face mask. The fact that it has enzymes to encourage exfoliating in a gentle way really helps maximize the hydrating and moisturizing benefits.

Verdict – LOVE!

After any mask it’s important to follow through and protect your skin with extra moisturizing and protective products. I am on a hydrating mist kick as well and use one between every layer of product I apply as well as throughout the day.

I’m so grateful for The Boxwalla for introducing me to these gorgeous brands that otherwise never would have crossed my vanity. Lavanya has a gift for curating the most stunning products and brands and puts her heart and soul into every single box that lands into your home.

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