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Bella Aura Skincare Review dalybeauty

I recently had the opportunity to experience a new natural skincare line called Bella Aura. This Canadian line is the ultimate in luxury niche beauty, using the “finest natural ingredients in the world”. Bella Aura was created by Yasmine Jones, who is as lovely as her products. During a very stressful time in her life, Yasmine’s skin was reacting and breaking out, causing acne so severe she experienced scarring. As someone who suffers from acne, especially during stressful times in my life, I could completely relate and knew she understood when I told her my skincare needs. In testing products to write about and share with you, sometimes my skin freaks out. I try to avoid this at all costs for obvious reasons, but sometimes our lives decide things for us and stress rears it’s ugly head on my face. So it was with cautious optimism that I tried Bella Aura. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.

Yasmine spent a fortune trying to fix her skin, even consulting a plastic surgeon. Nothing was helping and some things were even making things worse. Here is what Yasmine did about it.

During a trip to Morocco, I discovered the beauty secrets of the ancient Berbers. I met a prominent chemist/herbalist who believed that his oils would help my skin. Being cynical after so many failed, expensive remedies, I was reluctant to use his oils or believe his claims, but I eventually gave them a try.

After a few months, I began to see a difference in my skin condition, but I wasn’t satisfied with how long it was taking. I was compelled to find advanced active ingredients to combine with these natural oils and ultimately created Bella Aura Skincare products.

Extensive research and collaboration with a reputable chemist and renowned scientist has produced a collection of luxurious and safe natural skin care products. Ancient ingredients are combined with advanced science technology to produce my remarkable skin care line that is simple, natural and works for all skin types. The natural oils in Bella Aura Skincare products are Argan, Cactus, Neroli, and Nigella. We call our proprietary blend of oils Kamilah which means complete in Arabic.

Yasmine did her homework and it shows in her gorgeous products. After weeks of testing I can safely say not only did Bella Aura not make my skin break out, but I fell in love with the line. The ingredients are basically where science meets nature and are perfectly gentle and effective. The core of the collection is based on her exclusive blend of natural oils inspired by the ancient Berber tribes of Morocco.

Bella Aura Skincare Review dalybeauty

Bella Aura Skincare, inspired by the wisdom of the ancient Berbers, have included the exclusive blend of natural oils (Argan, Fig de Barbary, Neroli and Nigella) in our products. We refer to this as Kamilah, which means “complete”.

The Argan Tree – The Argan tree is known as the iron tree because of its ability to survive in an extremely harsh climate. The oil from its fruit is known for its superior nutritional value to the skin. The Berbers believed that it has magical powers for a person’s spirit.

The Fig de Barbary – The oil from the seed of the Fig de Barbary (Moroccan cactus fruit) has the highest concentration of Vitamin E of any botanical based oils. It’s believed to create a barrier against negative energy.

Neroli – Neroli, which comes from the flower of the bitter orange tree, is known as a confidence booster. It has incredible benefits to the skin and is said to calm the emotional being by protecting against negative elements that surrounds us.

Nigella – Nigella oil comes from black cumin seeds. It’s believed to be a miracle oil that has healing powers for the skin and protect against negative energy.

Our Kamilah blend is an exclusive, natural solution to fight the signs of aging and boost your natural beauty and confidence.

One of the things I love about Bella Aura is the simplicity – not just in the gorgeous luxe ingredients, but in the regime. The skincare world is confusing at best, and the world of natural skincare is the same. Choosing what we need can often be overwhelming. Not all of us are skincare experts, and we are not always buying products from our trusted facialists and estheticians. Bella Aura prides themselves on “honest beauty“.  They have five multi-purpose products suitable for all skin types – how easy is that?

The products themselves are simply gorgeous. Housed in light proof airless pump black glass bottles, the products are protected as well as looking gorgeous and luxe. Bella Aura products are “emulsions”, which are water based moisturizers with oil. An emulsion has the ability to maintain hydration levels and prevent moisture loss from your skin’s surface. It is beneficial for all skin types, including people with oily skin, as it is a water base and does not cause pore clogging. There is a fragrance to all of the products – it’s a soft and soothing (to my nose) neroli scent that is quite noticeable while applying the products, but does fade away. However the scent is the first thing that made me love this line. It smells so good, it’s like a trip to a very expensive and luxe spa. Really!

Antioxidant Booster Emulsion revitalizes the skin’s visible radiance and protect against the signs of aging. I love the light texture and my skin drinks it immediately, making a perfect base for my skincare ( 30ml, $148 CAD)

Daily Moisture Repair Emulsion will help restore the skin’s optimum moisture levels resulting in a smoother, younger and healthier looking glow. Perfect for increasing hydration, firmness and elasticity to thirsty skin. This light weight moisturizer is a perfect base for makeup.( 30ml, $128 CAD)

Instant Lifting Eye Contour helps restore brighter and more youthful looking eyes. It’s anti-oxidant properties rejuvenate and enhance skin texture, brightening the complexion and delivering a slight lifting effect. This is my go-to eye cream right now. I adore it – it gives my skin the moisture it needs, keeps my skin hydrated without being greasy, and doesn’t make my make up melt. LOVE.(30ml, $128 CAD)

Night Cellular Renewal Emulsion helps us wake up to more radiant, younger looking skin. It’s unique blend of ingredients improve skin hydration, firmness and elasticity, helping to slow the signs of aging. I have been using this with various night treatments and on it’s own, and I love it. I wake up with happy skin! (

Gentle Purifying Cleanser leaves skin radiant looking. This foaming cleanser contains a blend of exotic oils, vitamins and minerals that are highly effective in optimizing the skin’s appearance. I ADORE this product, and it is one of my favourite cleansers ever! I am using a two step cleaning routine, and I use Bella Aura’s cleanser after I oil cleanse. At first since it was a natural product, with a creamy texture, I did not think it was foaming and just rubbed it on my face, and still loved it! Now I use a small amount and apply the soft and gentle lather and my skin adores it.

As I get ready to celebrate my 50th birthday, I’m doing everything I can to fight off Mother Nature! Well, not really but I am choosing to look after myself and using products that are good for me while being effective is important. The Bella Aura line has everything one could want in a luxury natural skincare line, right from the ingredients, effectiveness, the touch feel and smell of the line. Everything feels top of the line, and the proof is in the glowing skin Bella Aura leaves behind.


Bella Aura Skincare Review dalybeauty
My skin has a happy Bella Aura glow!




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