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Sexy perfumes are wonderful all year round, but of course on Valentine’s Day, sexy everything is called for. I’ve gone off the beaten perfume path to find some exquisite and sexy niche perfumes for you. The divine Josie at Osswald in New York City sent me some delicious perfume that she knew I would love. She’s magical that way – seriously if you need help choosing something, Josie, my sister in Perfume Whispering, will help you. Osswald is one of my happy places and the last time I was there my visit was over two hours. OF HEAVEN.

The perfumes that recently slayed me were:

Roja Dove Beguiled perfume review dalybeauty
Roja Dove Beguiled

Roja Dove Beguiled

I’ve sniffed a few Roja Dove perfumes in the past, but it’s usually been during an orgy of perfume testing, and sadly my memory fails at time when I try to remember everything. However, Roja Dove Gardenia extrait is definitely on my wish list – it is sublime! Also the bottles are unforgettable. I find them so kitschy that they’re wonderful. Why not adorn a perfume I love with fourteen Swarovski crystals each set by hand in a process that takes five days to finish? LOVE. Roja Dove is a fascinating person and brand, with a prolific perfume collection, you can read more about the Master Perfumer here.

I received Roja Dove Beguiled for testing and starting swooning immediately upon application. I started DM’ing Josie about what it reminded me of as I was trying to place it. She nailed it- it’s Boucheron, the original one, in it’s vintage formulation. They certainly  aren’t the same, but Beguiled has the same tufted velvet luscious sweet, powdery floral extravaganza thing going on as Boucheron, but in a more refined and delicate way, despite the bottle. It’s feminine and sexy, with the jasmine, ylang and citrus sort of exploding right away, but then settling really quickly into the cushiony cloud of  patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood, orris, becoming a drop-dead sexy skin scent.

Another thing about Roja Dove Beguiled. I find it mouth watering in the way of Boucheron, but also another one – Estee Lauder Private Collection. I think it’s the patchouli and oakmoss. There is a particular style and usage of moss that makes me want to drink my perfume. It’s addictive – SEND HELP.

M Micallef Royal Muska review dalybeauty
M. Micallef Royale Muská

M. Micallef Royal Muská

Whoa mama. I adore musk perfumes, the pretty musk perfumes that smell sexy and clean in a “just took a hot fragrant” bath kind of clean. I’ve been sniffing some new ones lately ( Jeffrey Dame New Musk, more on that in an upcoming post MEOW). M. Micallef Royal Muská is one of those wonderful musks.

M. Micallef is a French luxury niche brand known for it’s gorgeous perfumes and bottles to match, and is quite popular with collectors. But look past the gorgeous bottles because the perfume is beautiful too. About Royal Muská:

Sweetened by his fruity head note, imbued with sensuality of ylang-ylang indolent flowers and sophisticated opulence of roses, Royal Muská is exotic and infinitely feminine. The musky base note brings a velvety composition, giving it a small tropical connotation. <— I get zero tropical vibe from this, but your mileage may vary.

The top notes of peach and raspberry are so soft they’re barely perceptible but certainly add a yummy factor. The soft clean Turkish rose and ylang ylang of the heart give it a gentle floral vibe, as they are so well blended and smooth. The dry down of precious woods, benzoin, and white musk add a sexy factor that is impossible to resist. This perfume does not project loudly at all, so your beloved must get close to you to smell Royal Muská, which is fine by me.


Il Profumo Musc Bleu perfume review dalybeauty
Il Profumo Musc Bleu

Il Profumo Musc Bleu

If you love clean musks at all, you MUST try Il Profumo Musc Bleu, as it is probably one of the best and most beautifully smooth musks ever made. I recall a time when Musc Bleu caused such a sensation in the online perfume world that no North American retailer could keep it in stock, and for good reason!

The company’s inspiration is likely losing something in the translation, but that makes me love it more:

Inspiration: This seductive alchemy is focused on the erotic power of musk, but also preserves notes of innocent purity. A veritable aphrodisiac, this composition will seduce your most unexpected fantasies. An initial scent of aromatic bitter orange flower gives way to notes of ylang-ylang, cyclamen and sandalwood. A fragrance that mingles and absorbs gradually, it will satisfy those seeking freedom and purity.

Because, let’s face it, who isn’t seeking freedom and purity in their perfumes! I know I am!

I don’t smell any cyclamen and any orange blossom I smell is not bitter. I guess there is a soft airy sandalwood in the deep dry down, but Musc Bleu is simply so well blended and smooth, picking out notes is a challenge. It’s a traditional musk in the true 70s sense of the word. It’s a clean musk but not super steam clean (that’s Montale White Musk & Mugler Cologne, both excellent). Musc Bleu has a bit of the soapy hairspray thing hovering in the background, which I adore. But again – SOFT. Think old school Bonne Bell Skin Musk meets Coty Wild Musk Oil meets Love’s Baby Soft. But then blend them all with fine perfume ingredients and you have Musc Bleu.

Elizabeth Taylor puts on perfume and is sexier than everyone.
Elizabeth Taylor
puts on perfume and is sexier than everyone.

What are your favourite sexy perfumes?

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