YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 – Beauty For Gypsetters

A good friend of mine used the word “gypset” to describe the gorgeous ethereal and pretty gypsy trend that is everywhere. The beautiful, magical, boho beauties that is everywhere, especially on social media and blogs. It’s a gypsy style of jewellery, clothing, makeup, an overall look that is reminiscent of the flower child movement, but with less of a kooky hippy vibe. There is a wordly “I’m hitting up all the most beautiful beaches in the world” vibe to this look, sort of Ibiza beach babe but with less partying and more of a healthy lifestyle. But not crunchy-granola-healthy, more of a luxe feeling, which I can totally get behind. I’m a hippy at heart and am always more comfortable in faded jeans and flip flops with messy hair vs the prim and well groomed preppy look. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE that preppy look! I aspire to it even, saving photos from J Crew ads I see, thinking “ooooh I need that collared shirt that has to be ironed” knowing full well I never really iron anything. And knowing full well I often go all day without brushing my hair.

So I am totally digging the gypset vibe in beauty these days, especially the DIVINE YSL Boho Stone Collection for Spring 2016. These colours – could you die! My personal favourites are of course the polishes, La Laque Couture in Love Pink and Peace Green, and the divine all-over finishing and correcting powder, Gypsy Opale.

YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 review dalybeauty swatches

The polishes are simply gorgeous and a must-have for polish lovers. YSL La Laque always has a gorgeous selection of tasty treats for their seasonal limited editions, but they really upped the bar with Love Pink and Peace Green. What YSL says:

Reflecting the tones of green jasper and pink opal, each shade has a pearly finish for a pretty, shimmering effect on the fingers. Exquisitely feminine, it’s like wearing jewels. Pop. Edgy. THE manicure for spring 2016. Increase the intensity by applying more coats, or apply sparingly for a natural accent.

YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 review dalybeauty swatches

I’ve worn them both with two and three coats, and they’re equally gorgeous. However to banish VNL* I suggest three coats. The application is a DREAM, as like with Dior, YSL has the perfect brush that covers my little nails in one swipe. God love Chanel, but for a luxury brand, I think everyone agrees that the time has come for Chanel to up their brush game. I love both of these shades, and don’t have anything in my collection that even comes close to being a dupe.

YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 review dalybeauty swatches
YSL La Laque Couture in Love Pink. Impossible to capture the soft green shimmer in this beauty. Two coats, with a teensy bit of VNL


YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 review dalybeauty swatches
YSL La Laque Couture in Peace Green. Can you even? Three coats of beauty.

The YSL Gypsy Opale Corrector powder is another beauty and a must-have for all lovers of YSL and especially their Limited Editions. This one is selling out as soon as they replenish the counters so if you see it, buy it! At first I thought it was just a fancy finishing powder. The Gypsy Opale powder is actually a beautiful multi-coloured all over powder that imparts a beautiful glow while correcting redness and other discolouration. With the right brush you can use the shades individually wherever you’d like. All tones actually look gorgeous on the eye lid as well as on cheekbones.

YSL Boho Stone Gypsy Opale powder dalybeauty review
YSL Gypsy Opale powder in bright light
YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 review dalybeauty swatches
A close up of the gorgeous shades in the YSL Gypsy Opale powder
YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 review dalybeauty swatches
Gypsy Opale swatched – colours from left to right as they appear in the pan. Soft and gorgeous!


This whole collection is gorgeous, and the polishes and powder are utter stand outs for me. The powder accents what you have, and is sheer enough to work on many complexions. It’s buildable to get just the glow you want.

YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 review dalybeauty swatches
See that blushing glow? Soft pink on the cheeks, with a little glow where the light hits. Thanks YSL Gypsy Opale powder.



*Visible Nail Line

YSL Boho Stone is available at YSL counters while supplies last.

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