Why Strobe When You Can Glow: Guerlain Spring Glow 2016 Collection

Guerlain changed the way we add a glow to our skin with their Météorites powder in 1987. They had already revolutionized our tans with their Terracotta, which is to this day the best bronzing powder. So with Les Météorites, they took the neutralizing colours of the makeup palette, and put them in one powder package of different coloured “balls”. The green powder corrects redness, white reflects light, lilac and pink adds radiance and champagne/gold for a magical but never disco-ball glow. Then they put the balls into a gorgeous compact, Les Météorites Voyage, so you could take your glow to go. I can speak from experience that the balls do not travel well in a purse. Ahem.

dalybeauty Guerlain SPring Glow 2016


“In 1987, Guerlain, the architect of light, launched Meteorites: the first loose illuminating and color-correcting powder that came in the form of multi-colored pearls. One stroke of the brush and these pearls released a perfecting halo to bathe the skin with light and glow with ideal radiance.
There is no mistaking the enviable radiance of a woman’s skin when she looks well rested, healthy and vibrant. She has that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Today, Guerlain reveals the secret to her ethereal glow with a joyful, luminous and colorful 2016 Spring Collection.”

So fast foward to Spring 2016 and Guerlain’s Spring Glow collection, which is all about imparting that Guerlain magic into a whole look. From the gorgeous Météorites compact ($179 USD) , to the Météorites Primer ($74 USD) to the buttercup golden shade of Ecrin “Enjoy” lasting shadow ($34 USD), the Rose aux Joues “Smile” blush duo ($62 USD) and the long lasting Le Crayon Yeux liners ($31 USD), this collection is a must-have for those that love to glow, Guerlain style.

dalybeauty Guerlain Meteorites primer
This stuff is actually magic.


Guerlain Spring Glow 2016 swatches dalybeauty
From top: Liners in black & Khaki (my favourite!), Enjoy Shadow, Smile Blush (soft then bright shades), Meteorites Powder & Primer

The Guerlain Glow is always the perfect glow. Never disco-ball glittery, but just that magical healthy unicorn of glowiness.

Guerlain Les Meteorites Voyage Compact Spring Glow 2016

Guerlain Les Meteorite Smile Blush Spring Glow 2016

Guerlain Les Meteorite Enjoy Shadow Spring Glow 2016


The Smile Blush is a perfect bright sheer reddish pink with a softer baby pink that become perfect when you swirl them together for a soft glowy flush of happiness. The Enjoy Shadow is so neat, and even though it is golden, it isn’t a super shimmery gold, but instead is a soft buttercup gold that brightens the eye area and accents eye colour. It’s a happy colour!

Guerlain Spring Glow 2016 dalybeauty


As with all Guerlain makeup, there is a fragrance that is noticeable in the pan, and immediately upon application. That fragrance dissipates fairly quickly, but if you are sensitive to fragrance in cosmetics test before you buy. Of course the fragrance of Les Météorites is one of my favourite scents in the world so I love it.

Guerlain Spring Glow is available for a limited time as supplies last at Guerlain counters and online, in select department stores and Sephora.

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