Neovadiol Rose Platinium Rosy Cream Review – Skin Like Rose Petals


Yes, it’s true, I am a post menopausal woman. Well, I think I am, for the most part. I had a partial hysterectomy in my early forties, so while I still have my ovaries, my period stopped years ago so I don’t have that to help gauge where my cycle is. I’ve had blood tests and take bio identical progesterone, and know my oestrogen levels are probably bottomed out. Aside from some evening “warm flashes” and occasional insomnia and fatigue (normal anyways?), I feel pretty good.

I have definitely seen changes in my skin that feel awfully hormonal. You know those zits that come out of nowhere, around the chin, jaw and mouth. Yeah, those. My skin texture and tone has been changing too. A lot has to do with the sun damage my poor skin suffered in the eighties (wear sunscreen!!!), but of course time changes everything, including the plump dewy skin of our youth. Not that it’s a bad thing, and it’s going to happen whether or not we like it.


Loving my Vichy Rosy Glow

I enjoy the act of pampering myself and self care. Just as much as I enjoy a soothing full body exfoliation, massage and anointing with oils, I love doing the same thing to my face. It’s a meditation and routing that stops me in my day, splashing water on my face, and I’m washing the day away, literally and figuratively. I use a lot of skincare products to pamper my skin, and I find lately that my skin wants to feel plump and glowy. To that end, I use serums, creams and mists to add and lock in the moisture my skin needs. And, credit must be given to the brilliant Dr Trefor Nodwell and the team at The Ottawa Clinic.

As we age, our skin changes – shocking, I know, right? Our cellular renewal and lipid production slow down, leaving us with a thinner epidermis and drier skin. Our collagen production is also reduced, which also thins the skin and can lead to a lack of tone and sagging skin. Our natural exfoliation also slows down – I have really noticed this! And this can make skin look dull. Changes in microcirculation means a decrease of nutrients to our skin cells, and this can make our skin look paler and less rosy.

Hello Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinium! This is the latest addition to the Vichy Neovadiol skincare collection created exclusively for the skincare needs of the menopausal and post-menopausal woman. Neovadiol Rose is a gorgeous rosy cream that immediately nourishes skin, leaving the perfect healthy rose blush to skin. And it’s full of goodness that helps skin look firmer and plumper after several weeks. I am hooked! Ingredients like beeswax, calcium, that amazing Vichy Thermal Water make for nourished, moisturized and healthy looking skin. A desifying yeast extract and rosy pigments combine for plumped skin and a healthy rosy glowing complexion.

So far I will say this – the soft fragrance smells like Bulgarian roses and I want to use it head to toe. Honestly Vichy – my post-menopausal body would love a Vichy Rose Platinium Body Mist and Serum…I’m just saying. I love the texture and feel of this Vichy Rosy Cream and the instant glow it imparts on my skin. Let’s see what happens over the next several weeks!

Stay tuned to follow my journey trying this amazing new skincare from Vichy, and we will be giving away a basket of gorgeous Vichy goodies to a lucky reader! A 50ml jar of Vichy Rose Platinium Rosy Cream is $56.95 CAD on and in pharmacies.



this honest review is also a sponsored post

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