These Fragrances Will Make Your Man Smell Delicious

Look out guys, I’ve got some great fragrances for you to try out and I think you’re going to love them. These new releases really caught my nose, and frankly, these are scents anyone can wear. I put “Man” in the post name because I wanted to catch their attention, but these fragrances would be great for sharing. Because they smell really good. Who doesn’t like that?


From left: Coach For Men Eau de Toilette, L’Occitane L’Homme Cologne Cédrat Eau de Toilette, Guerlain Habit Rouge Dress Code


Coach For Men Eau de Toilette was a must-sniff for me as soon as I heard Anne Flipo was one of the noses behind this new scent. She has created many of my favourites, notably several of my favourite L’Artisan Parfumeur scents (her work listed here). Right off the top, Coach for Men has a soapy clean note that I just love – fresh, with zingy citrus, yet still warm. The lime and ambergris stand out, and make for a zingy fresh sparkle. Geranium, vetiver and coriander give it the freshness a green vibe with some spice. There are more fruits like pear and kumquat, but they are not noticeable, other than adding a slightly sweet fruity note. The suede notes in the dry down play so beautifully with the vetiver and ambregris it’s almost mouth watering. I’ve read a few reviews of women buying this for themselves and I can totally see why. Try this – I think you’ll love it as much as I do. Sold in the men’s fragrance department.

I fell in love with  L’Occitane L’Homme Cologne Cédrat Eau de Toilette  on first sniff. Seriously, this may be one the best masculine’s I’ve tried in a long time. When I sprayed my arm I couldn’t stop smelling it, and even on paper it smells like a bright sunny clear day in a cedar forest near the ocean with a lemon grove nearby. Honestly. The aquatic notes are subtle but the freshness is perfectly executed. The violet leaf note I love so much is perfectly green and soapy, and combined with a touch of lavender, gives that “barbershop” scent I completely adore. The prominent note is, of course, cedar, a fresh cut resinous cedar that is never too dry, thanks to aquatic and citrus notes. Mmmmmm. Pink and black pepper, along with a little ginger, add a wee bit of spice. I would wear this, but I would LOVE my man to wear this. Absolutely gorgeous and must-try. Best part of L’Homme Cologne Cédrat is that they have an extensive bath and body line to go with, making it perfect for gift giving. Sold in L’Occitane stores and online (link above).

And a men’s scent post wouldn’t be complete without a Guerlain fragrance, and the latest flanker in the Habit Rouge line, Dress Code, is indeed a statement fragrance. This is not one I would wear, but I can see a woman wearing this for sure. Habit Rouge Dress Code Eau de Parfum is a play on the original Habit Rouge, which was launched in 1965 and was the first Oriental fragrance for men. The use of sensual vanilla in a men’s fragrance was revolutionary, and is now a delicious Guerlain signature that is impossible to resist. Dress Code 2017 is a fragrance that evolves quite a bit from top notes to the base, almost becoming a different fragrance to my nose. It starts out with gorgeous and bright bergamot and neroli, with just a touch of rose. The heart notes of spices, cedar and patchouli hover above the skin adding a rich depth to the scent. The dry down is where Thierry Wasser works his sensual Guerlain “Wasserade” to turn Dress Code into something entirely different from where it started. Honestly, it’s such a change, you must spray some on to experience it. Swirling together vanilla, tonka bean, vetiver and praline (yes, praline) the dry down somewhat reminds me of Shalimar, but drier and more (duh) masculine. Powdery and smoky – in fact I was sure there was tobacco in Dress Code because that’s exactly how it dries down on my husband. Guerlain Dress Code is one of the most unique men’s fragrances I’ve ever sniffed and I think it is perfect for cooler weather. And ladies – try it for yourself. If Habit Rouge Dress Code had been launched as a super exclusive unisex niche perfume, I know women would buy it in droves. Gorgeous and unusual. Sold in men’s fragrance departments and at Guerlain counters.



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