Review: 30 Roses Rosewater by Vie Beauty

If you know me you know how I feel about rosewater which is basically that I adore it and can’t live without it! I’ve got rosewater on hand at all times. And I go high and low with my rosewater, shopping at my local health food store for Heritage Rose Water right up to Chantecaille Pure Rosewater. I’m always on the look out for something new and love trying every rose water I can find.

One night on Twitter, months ago, a friend shared the tweet of a rose water created by an aesthetician named Jasmine Lewis from Atlanta. Her company is called Vie Beauty and when my friend posted about her 30 Roses Rosewater, I knew I had to try it. Why? Because the bottle was so gorgeous it looked like a bottle of perfume. That along with the raves of my friend sealed the deal.

Vie Beauty’s Jasmine Lewis

30 Roses Rosewater comes in a heavy glass bottle that is basically a rose! The sprayer is the same quality as a perfume sprayer and gives your face the most perfect delicate misting ever! 30 Roses smells WONDERFUL! It reminds me of the scent of Jo Malone Red Roses, like a sprinkling of soft rose petals. There are actually little pink petals floating in the water, which I swear make it sweeter and lovelier. I have sprayed it head to toe after the bath, but its such a beautiful, quality rosewater that it should really be used on your face to get the benefits.

30 Roses is ultra soothing, hydrating and great for all skin types. My aging oily acne prone skin loves 30 Roses, and it just calms my skin and makes it happy. I ordered it from the US and Vie Beauty ships to Canada. You can buy 30 Roses at $36 USD for a 100ml bottle. You won’t regret it!

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