Review: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Oil

Hooo mama do I love a lip oil! Charlotte Tilbury & her Magic Lip oil were just poppin’ up all over my social feeds, tempting me like lip product siren. I am weak and succumbed but I am so glad I did. It’s become my favourite lip product to the point where it’s all I’m using.Tibury Magic Lip Oil feels like a new type of lip product, which is kind of exciting.

Magic Lip Oil hydrates and moisturizes, while making lips feel a bit fuller and with an inexplicable glow. It’s not “colour” per se, but truly it just makes my lips look better. Period. It’s a newer product that is a “serum in oil” so it hydrates while it coats lips in a dewy glow that is completely non sticky. Its full of hyaluronic acid, aloe & plant adaptogens as well as sunflower, camellia and rosehip oils and there is even a little vitamin C in that adorable little tube.

Me, obsessed with my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Lip Oil

I’ve been using Magic Lip Oil since my order arrived and simply love the way it makes my lips look. They feel soft and smooth and the subtle plumping effect is perfect. Magic Lip Oil has no scent or taste which is HUGE for me. Charlotte Tilbury says “lip conditioner by day, lip mask by night!”. I haven’t tried it at night as at $45 CAD a tube, I’m treating my lip oil like liquid gold. Which frankly, it is! Get it at Sephora or on Charlotte Tilbury’s site which is where I bought mine. It is selling out regularly and I can see why.

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