Review: Floral Street Iris Goddess Perfume

I was very keen to try the Floral Street perfume line after seeing it on a friend’s Instagram feed. I trust their taste and also loved the look of the bottle she posted. After reading the description of the Floral Street Iris Goddess perfume, I was keen to try it. It’s been awhile since I loved an iris perfume, maybe years. The last iris perfume I remember loving was Le Labo Iris 39, which I wore until I emptied the bottle. Before that, of course it had to be Chanel La Pausa, which in my mind is still the best iris perfume I’ve even worn. There is also the elusive 2007 limited edition L’Artisan Parfumeur unicorn Iris Pallida. Iris Goddess is reminiscent of the latter two.

The perfumer for Floral Streetis Jerome Epinette, who created most of the Atelier Cologne line – notably the Silver Iris, which I want to revisit now. He also did a bunch of the Byredo and so many other lines – you can check them out here on Fragrantica . One of the best scents he has done, in my humble opinion, is the signature scent for the Oribe hair care line, Cote d’Azur, which comes in all their haircare as well as a perfume.

Iris perfumes can be earthy and musk-y like the Le Labo, or cool and elegant with a slightly soapy vibe like La Pausa and Iris Pallida. Iris Goddess is cool and elegant, and is most definitely what I would describe as soft and not strong or loud. It instantly surprised me when I sprayed it on, as I had lowered expectations for a modern iris scent and did not expect the soft, papery airy iris top notes. It is slightly powdery, with a little violet hiding behind the carrot-y iris, all the while feeling very soft and well blended.

back of Floral Street Iris Goddess bottle is a gorgeous iris illustration

Floral Street Iris Goddess is so beautifully done and it caught me by surprise in such a pleasant way. I find it’s soft purple-y clean-powder vibe very comforting and even a bit cooling in the heat. It’s subtle enough for any occasion and I’ve been wearing it to bed as well as during the day. There is a hint of a soft musk with a warm woodsy dry down on skin. This perfume has me written all over it!

I am super keen to try the rest of the Floral Street line. You can buy Iris Goddess at Sephora, as well as the whole line. They have purse sprays for $36 CAD and a 50ml bottle for $101. There are also candles and diffusers that I think I’ll need to try.

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