Vichy Neovadiol Skincare: Press Pause on Menopause

I’ve loved Vichy since my first foray into their skincare with their brilliant Liftactiv Serum 10, still a favourite in my collection of skincare. As time went by my skin definitely needed something a little extra. I’d had a hysterectomy in my mid forties which caused upheaval in my skin condition, and by the time I was fifty, it was obvious that my skincare was missing something for my newly fragile, thin and supersensitive skin.

Enter Vichy Neovadiol! Vichy has shown that menopausal skincare concerns matter to them and, besides specialized skincare, they aim to help educate women on how to feel better during menopause. When I use my Neovadiol line, I know I’m using skincare specifically designed to address issues unique to menopausal skin. Vichy has many links to helpful information in their Neovadiol skincare section, including information regarding the skincare concerns specific to menopause, like sensitivity, acne, and inflammation. There are many links with information to help us cope with the many changes our bodies go through during this time and beyond.

I enjoy my Neovadiol skincare routines for morning and night. Neovadiol Day Care nourishes and soothes my skin, while drenching it with hydration and moisturizing emollients that help plump up my skin while leaving it radiant and glowing. It replenishes my skin while not aggravating my acne prone issues. Vichy Neovadiol Night has a similar formula, with extra ingredients that get to work while we sleep and our skin is in recovery mode. Not only does it intensely hydrate skin through the night, but Neovadiol Night has a delightful and soothing cooling effect on the skin. Take that, hot flashes!

Neovadiol Phytosculpt Neck Cream has become a necessary part of my skincare routine every day, twice a day. If I get to the door to leave and realize I forgot to apply it, I run back and make sure my neck is drenched in the goodness of Phytosculpt. I wrote more about my love for Neovadiol Phytosculpt here. And of courses the foundation of any facial routine has got to be my beloved Vichy Mineral 89 serum! It has saved my skin – offering intense hydration and plumping it up beautifully, while helping with my acne. Mineral 89 soothes my sensitive skin and keeps it hydrated so my oil glands don’t go into overdrive.

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