Review: Basd Seductive Sandalwood Body Lotion

Last winter I happened to see someone post about this lotion from the Canadian brand Basd and it just sounded so gorgeous I had to buy it for myself. The big bottle with the pump top was instantly appealing as I go through lotion at an alarming rate. Basd lotions are 425ml of plant based goodness, with a lotion that has a lovely whipped formula that just melts into skin, leaving it soft and healthy looking.

I bought the Basd Seductive Sandalwood, which absorbs beautifully, while moisturizing my skin and leaving behind a soft scent. It smells like a gently sweet sandalwood, kissed with a little bergamot and refreshes while it soothes and calms the senses. I would definitely categorize the fragrance as unisex, and it even falls into what today could be categorized as a masculine scent. They also have a creme brulee, invigorating mint and refreshing citrus grapefruit scents. The grapefruit sounds gorgeous and may be my next purchase.

Look at this gorgeous whipped & melty texture

I’ve used a few plant based lotions with coconut, shea and aloe vera and I love the way they have a luxurious yet light consistency that just melt on skin. The Basd lotion formulation of aloe vera juice, sunflower oil, shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa butter is absolutely gorgeous and I love the way it feels in my hands. I’ve kept it next to my sink to use as hand cream after washing as well, as the pump makes that easy. It’s perfect and keeps my cuticles intact. This Basd lotion is $24.00 CAD on their site

This is a huge bottle & will last ages

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