Roses In My Hair: Pantene Rose Water Collection

I could not wait to try the latest products from Pantene in their Sulfate Free Rose Water Collection. They had me at rose water, and the very idea of shampooing my hair with roses is a dream come true! The text from their site alone is so enticing, “Made with rose water from the petals and buds of rosa gallica (French rose)”. How could I resist? Something that has stuck with me for many years is a scene from Cheers, when Woody comments on how Kelly’s hair smells. She says something about washing it with lavender and later in the series he even sings a song about how clean her hair smells (the Kelly Song!) As I am both obsessed with taming my hair and good smells, any collection with rose water was going to be mine.

The Miracle Moisture Boost Shampoo with Rose Water appears to be a sulphate free version of their classic pro-vitamins B5 and B3 formula, a soft gel that melts into hair and creates a luxurious softly rose scented lather. It rinses out easily, leaving my hair feeling fairly smooth and tangle free. The rose scent is very soft, clean and almost green. Most bar soaps we are familiar with, like Dove, Ivory and Camay, use rose to create that clean scent we’ve come to love. It works beautifully in a shampoo.

Pantene Moisture Boost Conditioner with Rose Water is a gorgeous, with a thick rich texture and a slightly different rose scent than the shampoo. It’s smells a little fresher and soapier, and is a tiny bit stronger fragrance than the shampoo. To be clear – it is not strongly fragranced at all. It does a great job of detangling and smoothing my thick coarse hair, which is great as most conditioners aren’t enough for me. My hair loves a good deep conditioning treatment mask, so it’s good to know Pantene has a Moisture Boost Rose Water Treatment too! It will be mine.

I have always loved Pantene hair products, they’ve always been a fav among drugstore hair brands. And this Rose Water collection feels so luxurious, it’s a steal.

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