Vitamin C Serums You Need: Drugstore to Luxe

By now we all know we need a vitamin C product in our facial skincare, right? It’s a powerhouse ingredient in skincare and a triple threat you should have on your counter right now. Vitamin C is, first of all, an antioxidant, which can help with our skin’s natural regeneration process and in repairing damaged skin cells, while fighting damage from UV rays and pollution. It also helps with the appearance of fine lines and skin texture. We we apply vitamin C topically, the acidic reaction on the skin accelerates healing, which promotes production of collagen.

I have reviewed a few of my favs vitamin C products, and happened to find a dupe for one of my favourite more spendy ones. I can’t choose a favourite here and love them all – in other words I will use whatever is in my drawer and closest to hand, happily.

Jouviance Restructriv Vitamin C Serum is fantastic and one of the best serum formulas I have ever used. 20% stable vitamin C in an opaque dropper bottle that is also spill proof – brilliant, with vitamin E to boost the effectiveness of the Vitc and 2 types of hyaluronic to boost hydration. The tiniest drop of product spreads all over my entire face and feels lush and soothing. After a couple weeks of use skin tone is definitely brighter and more even. A FAV, and at $65 CAD for a 30ml bottle it is exceptional value. A must try.

Skinceuticals Phlorectin CF Serum is one of the OG vitamin C products and a real heavy hitter that works really well at improving skin tone and is ideal on oily or acne prone skin. It works beautifully and I definitely It is well suited for oily and acne prone skin however it is at the top of the price point at $185 CAD for 30ml. I would have to say that unless you love this formula in particular, there is no reason to spend that much money to get an effective vitamin C serum.


Indeed Labs Vitamin C24 is not only an incredible and effective vitamin C product, it is also a dupe for another popular vitamin C serum. The instant I squeezed out some Indeed Labs Vitamin C24 into my hand I realized it had a similar texture to the Kiehls Line Reducing Concentrate, which I had used in the past. A quick google showed me the Indeed version contains almost 2 x the effective ingredient. Indeed’s has 22% ascorbic acid plus 2% hyaluronic acid, while Kiehl’s has 10.5% ascorbic acid and 2% hyaluronic acid. The Indeed Labs Vitamin C24 is $22.99 CAD for a 30ml tube and the Kiehls is $82 for 50ml. I don’t know why one would pay more for a product with less of the effective ingredient but stranger things have happened. I ADORE Indeed Vitamin C24 and it is a staple in my skincare routine. Use it for a week then tell me how your skin is glowing.

Vivier CE Peptides is more along the lines of the Skinceuticals serum, but in a richer serum that also contains vitamin E combined with peptides to help heal damaged skin. I adore this serum, which is again, at the higher end of the items I reviewed. I started using Vivier CE Peptides after I had IPL treatments and I was babying my virgin skin. I also wanted to be sure I zapped any sun spots in the knick. At $175 CAD for 30ml yes this is spendy stuff, but it is a very rich formula and a few drops spread easily over the face and neck. Worth it if you really need to address sun damage on your face.

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