Soft Beautiful Skin with Body Shop Buriti Baby Lotion

I am relentlessly in pursuit of soft moisturized skin. Of course, my crazy climate dictates different needs for different seasons and the summer usually means I can go a bit lighter than the winter with our dry central heating. If you read here regularly you will know that silicones are the bane of my existence. I can tolerate them in tiny amounts but I know that they basically just add the slip of the product, giving it a silky smooth texture. They sit on top of the skin (or hair) and do nothing to improve moisture levels or have any actual dermalogical benefits. I love my Nivea Skin Firming lotion but sometimes in extreme heat the silicone balls up and rolls right off my skin if I rub it.

The Amazonian Tree Of Life aka Buriti Tree
I was in The Body Shop looking for something that didn’t smell like mangos, fruit salad or brown sugar (why Body Shop, why???) when I spied their baby line. It is called the Buriti Baby collection which is based on Buriti Oil. The Amazonian “tree of life”, the oil of the Buriti nut contains one of the richest sources of beta-carotene and pro-vitamin A and helps soothe, soften and protect the skin against over-drying. 
Buriti nut

Buriti oil

In the Baby Buriti line there is a body lotion, a body wash, body butter and massage gel. I am not a fan of body butters as I am not keen on sticking my hand into a pot over and over but the lotion with a pump appealed to me. Buriti Baby Body Lotion has a soft sweet scent, kind of nutty but not overwhelming or cloying, and it does not last long on the skin at all. I really like the smell of this lotion though, and found myself wishing I had a little eau de toilette of the scent. It has a light silky texture without that telltale silicone slip. I put the lotion on at bedtime last night and found the scent cuddly and soothing, almost almondy. There is all kind of good for your skin stuff in the lotion, including aloe gel, organic beewax, olive oil, shea butter and sunflower seed oil and not a silicone in sight. It adds a nice glow to the skin and it very soothing after a shower or bath, or a day in the sunshine.

Skin as soft as petals…
I got my 250ml bottle at The Body Shop for $15. They are presently having a super duper BOGO event in Canadian stores so I bought one for my daughter Emilie as well. This is a lovely product and has earned a permanent spot in my lotion coterie. 

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