Stila Yumberry Crush, A Beautiful Stain

Oh I’ve got a crush on you, Stila Yumberry Crush! I may have found my perfect stain.  It is the perfect shade of soft pink that is sheer on the cheeks and gives a lovely flushed blush, and gives the lips just enough oomph to look like you are making an effort. If you are a No Lipstick Girl like me, you know what I mean. I had the feeling of a coating on my lips and the closest I get to a lip colour is a tinted lipgloss. Stila Yumberry Crush works on its own for a nice matte lip- it has the tiniest bit of shimmer which is slightly pearlized which means it doesn’t look dry or flat. It works amazingly well with a lipgloss but my favourite recent combo is with my beloved Dior Crème de Rose, which has also become a summer staple and is The Best Lip Balm. Ever.
Swatched stronger than I would put on my cheeks & a bit thicker to show colour, in daylight
I have used Benetint for years but depending on the time of year and my colouring (more or less self tanner or bronzer) it hasn’t always been the “best” shade for me. I love it but always have to use a light hand. I tended to use it more for lightly dabbing my lips to fill in and line them. This is actually a neat trick and I will still use Benetint for that. But Stila Yumberry Crush gives my lips a just bitten pink colour that I love- like I just had a pink popsicle. It really brightens my complexion, the way the perfect shade only can. It also contains antioxidants like Vitamin E and C which have skin brightening properties all on their own. Works for me!
I use it on my cheeks but beware, as with all stains this one dries quickly so don’t dawdle when applying. But it does last well, even in the extreme heat we have had recently. I first tried Coconut Crush but it was too orange-y and really washed me out. Yumberry Crush has a fruity scent that I don’t love, but it doesn’t last long. This has earned a permanent place in my make up collection.
…because we don’t want to look like this.
I got my Stila Yumberry Crush at Shopper’s Drug Mart for $32 and it is also at Sephora. US customers only pay $24. Seriously? I am happy to pay tax on an item but this kind of mark up a) is before taxes and b) was relevant 10 years ago when our dollar was low. ANYWAYS. Noted for my next trip to the States.

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