Soft Curls & Waves That Last: Marc Anthony Strictly Curls

I’m always looking for hair styling options that best help me accentuate my natural waves. Sometimes I’ll add a few waves around the crown with a round brush or curling rod. Sometimes I will just let it be. I usually only let it air dry in warmer weather as who wants to walk around waiting for thick head of hair to dry when it’s below zero out? The other thing about cold weather is that the hair is dry. My waves work best when there is some humidity in the air. When I’m in the cooler drier weather, I embrace the blow out. When I’m in a humid or warm environment, forget about it. A blowout can be.  unblown-out in minutes and I’m left with not quite straight, not quite wavy but certainly frizzy clown hair.


from left: Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curls Defining Shampoo, Deep Hydrating Mask, Dry Styling Oil, De-frizz & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner, Curl Defining Lotion


I was excited to try the new Marc Anthony True Professional “Strictly Curls” line when it arrived. The first thing I noticed was the deliciously tart and fresh lemon scent! Honestly this was so refreshing (really!) as it seems everything smells like coconuts and cookies these days. It reminded me of Love’s Fresh Lemon perfume from back in the day – just simple pretty and clean lemons.

The Defining Shampoo is weightless and leaves my hair clean and bouncy. I just love the Deep Hydrating Mask, as it smoothes out my hair without weighing it down. And that lemon fragrance is so invigorating in the shower – I just love it.

The styling products are all fantastic. I have not tried the 7 in 1 Treatment Foam mousse but I plan to. I have used the Curl It Up Volume Curl Spray and it works well, but I think it would be better on finer, less thick hair than mine. After shampooing, I apply the Curl Envy Leave-In Conditioner fairly liberally and comb it through. Then, I spritz the Dry Styling Oil all over my hair as well, avoiding the root area, and comb through again. While my hair is still good and wet, I apply the Curl Defining Lotion from the middle through to the ends of my hair. And here is my secret for a smooth air dry. I use a smooth bristle brush, say like a Tangle Teezer, and gently brush and smooth my hair into the style with the waves I want. The key is to then not touch the hair. No touchy! The more you mess around with and “scrunch” wavy hair, the higher the chances you will end up with frizz. Just leave it be.


day 1 curls


The next day, I use a wide curling rod and grab around six to seven pieces around my crown and add some loose waves. Then, using a wide tooth comb, I blend them into my waves and with the help of dry shampoo, I can go a good five to six days with perfectly soft and bouncy waves. Ta-da! Marc Anthony Strictly Curls is a terrific line for wavy hair at a fantastic price point.

day 5 waves – this is in high humidity



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