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As we all know, changing hormones have an effect on our skin. It starts with adolescence and puberty, then the lovely cycling of menstruation, and later in life, perimenopause and menopause. Fluctuations in our hormone levels can mean too much oil, too little oil, reactionary sensitive skin, and so on and so on. You name it, we’ve experienced it.

The fact is, as we enter menopause, our skin changes in a different way, and we need specialised skincare to address the specific changes we experience. As much as my teenage skin loved Clearasil and a simple moisturizer, that same routine is not going to work for me now.

I had a chance to speak with Toronto dermatologist Dr. Sonya Abdullah about menopause and skincare. I wanted to ask her the questions I get asked most often by my readers and followers:

What is the number one concern you hear from women about their post menopausal skin?

Dry and sensitive skin are far more prevalent after menopause. The loss of estrogen support after menopause tends to accelerate the effects of time and translates to facial volume loss leading to more prominent lines or folds, lack of skin firmness, and crepey texture.

What is the best/easiest way to address this concern? 

Post-menopausal skin changes are common. Dryness can lead to sensitive skin, emphasizing the need to look for hydrating ingredients like ceramides, glycerin, shea butter for both the face and body, as well as integrating gentle non-soap cleansers into your routine. Ingredients like beeswax provide a conditioning, protective coat against the outside world, while calcium promotes epidermal cell differentiation improving skin luminosity and radiance.

Vichy has the skincare line specially created for the peri and menopausal woman and the special needs of our skin – Neovadiol.

It’s clear that during this time in our lives, choosing the right skincare is important. Not only for the appearance of our skin, but for the comfort of our skin. Vichy Rose Platinium Rosy Glow has all of the ingredients Dr. Abdullah recommends, and a complimentary regimen using the Neovadiol Compensating Complex line ensures my skin gets just what it needs.



Of course, I am in love with my Vichy Rose Platinum Rosy Cream. I’ve been using the Rosy Cream for over a month now and love the results I’m seeing. My skin feels soft and dewy, and has a soft, plump glow. I use my  Neovadiol Compensating Complex Serum under my Rose Cream during the day, and under my Neovadiol Nuit at night, the perfect skin nourishing cocktail for menopausal skin. Neovadiol Nuit at night means I wake up with dewy glowing skin, and Vichy Rosy Glow helps me keep that glow all day long.



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  1. Nava Brahe

    Excellent post, Jane! I love all the Vichy products I’ve ever tried, so these are piquing my interest as well.

    Another common cause of menopausal skin freak-outs is the aggressive suppression of estrogen in women who have had estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. The prescribed medications wreak havoc on your skin (not to mention the rest of your body), making it blotchy and oily, or dry and dehydrated. I’ve experienced both, and it can mean needing a vast arsenal of products on hand to deal with the ups and downs.

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