Thann Shiso Mask for Amazingly Beautiful & Silky Hair

I was at one of my favourite beauty/lifestyle/spa boutiques the other day- it is called Thann. If you are not familiar with this stunning boutique, Thann is a boutique that features a range of all-natural hair, skin, and body care, for women and men, formulated from botanicals and essential oils by combining the art of natural therapy with modern science. All products are dermatologically tested, paraben free suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, and they use recycled packaging, support human rights, oppose child labour and all kind of wonderful things. You can read more on Thann’s website.
We are quite lucky to have a Thann boutique here in Ottawa, as they are an Asian based company with only one shop in North America, the rest are in Asia and Europe and Australia. You can shop online though, which you will definitely want to do. The Canadian site ships anywhere in the US as well. Especially if you have hair that is coarse, dry, colour treated, or suffering from a summer spent in the sunshine.
They do resemble mint leaves….
Thann Shiso Hair Mask is part of their famous Shiso line. Shiso is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties and is an anti-oxidant. Shiso is a valuable ingredient widely used in medical, food, and cosmetic industries worldwide. It also has a fresh smell, almost like a green tea/mint combination, that I adore. There is an entire Shiso skincare line that is definitely worth exploring.
The owner of our beautiful Thann Boutique, Fadi, saw my long thick coarse hair and recommended the Shiso Mask. A quick skim of the ingredients told me it did not have silicone. This appealed to me immediately, as I am OVER having my hair coated with grease. This only offers the illusion of silky hair, and that illusion does not last. He explained the benefits of the proteins, shiso and other ingredients, and I was sold. I was out of Joico K-Pak, which has been my go-to protein treatment forever, and was willing to try something new. And I’m so glad I did! My hair was literally transformed. Smooth, silky and shiny, my hair would just slip out of my hands. The coarse dry ends were eliminated. But- the scent! Oh wow does this stuff smell divine! And the scent lingers in my hair for days. Not strong, but if I get a bit warm or my hair goes in front of my face, I get a hint of that lovely fresh oddly floral tea. My hair is impenetrable by anything other than uber effective product. I have tried so many “deep conditioners” that do nothing for my hair, and some leave it impossible to get a comb through. So for a product to work, and to work so well, is almost miraculous.
Not a dry strand to be found- this is bouncin’ & behavin’ hair!
Verdict: Thann Shiso Hair Mask has earned a permanent place in my hair arsenal for sure. I got my Thann Shiso Hair Mask at Thann Boutique in Ottawa, 100ml tube for $33. I have very thick hair that is halfway down my back so my usage will be different than for someone with different type of hair.
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