The Relief Your Skin Needs: La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Nuit GIVEAWAY

Reactive, sensitive skin is a reality for many of us, and addressing the issue can be frustrating and expensive. Does a product we have been using cause the reaction? If so, which product is it? After a process of elimination, we may find the culprit and eliminate it, but then what to use? I have purchased products for myself, my mother and my daughters over the years as we’ve had issues with reactions to makeup and skincare. Sometimes several products are purchased in order to find the gentle product that will not cause a reaction, and, hopefully, calm and reduce the reaction that started the whole issue.


How about stress related sensitivity? This can be the most frustrating, as it seems nothing we use can help. Stress related eczema is common for many people, including me. Sometimes I don’t even know what is stressing me out and causing the issue. It’s like “thanks body for giving me this reaction so I can stress out about something else”! I like to keep my usage of products like cortisone creams to a minimum as we know they can weaken skin over time. Extended use of cortisone on skin thins the skin, causing steroid trophy, which can manifest as wrinkles. What! No thank you.

Retinol products can certainly cause painful skin reactions, depending on your tolerance. I cannot use retinols, unless I actually want my face to hurt. That’s what it feels like – a sore face.

 There are so many things that can cause reactive skin. Sometimes we just have tight, red skin for a myriad of reasons – sun exposure, food allergies, and generalized stress and anxiety. Right now, an unknown stress in my life is causing some eczema breakouts. Ugh. I have a sore, itchy red patch above my eye that is proving to be particularly stubborn, and on one cheek. In my case, I test a lot of products on my skin, but when this scaly red patch rears it’s head, I know it’s from stress. Autoimmune responses like eczema can be triggered by stress and in my case, even changes in weather. As the outside gets colder, we heat up our houses and they get drier, sucking all the moisture out of our skin.


So how fortuitous that La Roche Posay asked me to try their new Toleriane Ultra Overnight night time restorative treatment. Toleriane Ultra Overnight is created specifically for ultra-sensitive and allergic skin. It has a lovely gel-lotion melting texture that feels nourishing without feeling heavy on the skin. It contains niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, which is very effective in restoring and soothing skin. There are studies that suggest it is also helpful for rosacea and acne reactive skin. It also contains Neurosensine, which is a dipeptide that is naturally present in our skin. It has been tested and shown to reduce sensations of discomfort. Carnosine is an amino acid that also soothes skin and fights free radicals. And of course vitamin E, which protects, improves and repairs the appearance of damaged tissue , fighting dryness by hydrating sensitive skin.

I am looking forward to waking up with skin that isn’t patchy, itchy and tender. I am looking forward to relief! La Roche Posay wants to share Toleriane Ultra Overnight with a DALY BEAUTY reader. Just follow the steps below and tell La Roche Posay why your skin needs relief. And check back with me over the next couple of weeks while I find relief with Toleriane Ultra Overnight.

You have to live in Canada. (I’m sorry, US readers!)

You have to CLICK RIGHT HERE to submit your name and info.

Enter via the La Roche-Posay Canada Facebook page by leaving a comment and using the hastag#MomentOfRelief

Enter via @LaRochePosayCA on Instagram by leaving a comment and using the hashtag #MomentOfRelief



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