Il Profumo Pop Up Shop in Saks Fifth Avenue, Queen Street, Toronto

Good news, Toronto perfume lovers! Saks Fifth Avenue in the Eaton’s Centre in downtown Toronto is hosting a pop up shop for one of Italy’s most beloved niche perfume brands. From October 27th 2016 to January 31st, 2017, the gorgeous fine perfumes of Il Profvmo are featured in premiere exclusivity at Saks Fitfh Avenue, Eaton Centre in Toronto. Presented both at the Valmont counter and the Fifth Avenue Club, this opulent and baroque line conveys its Italian roots to seduce Canadian fragrance lovers. Look out! I am so excited about this I am actually driving to Toronto so I can revel in the deliciousness of these perfumes.

Il Profumo pop up in Saks Fifth Avenue on Queen Street in Toronto
Il Profumo pop up in Saks Fifth Avenue on Queen Street in Toronto


These gorgeous and luxe classic perfumes are a great way to experience something different from the usual department store offerings. While many are beautiful, it is lovely to have the opportunity to wear something you can almost guarantee no one else will be wearing. I usually tell my readers to order from Osswald in NYC, but this is a great way to avoid that dollar exchange and get a unique artisanal perfume that is one of a kind as well as simply beautiful right here in Canada.


From Il Profvmo:

A unique range of either clean, gourmand or exhilarating scents composed with natural ingredients… allowing each personality to express their state of mind with ownable perfume trails. Created in Venice as a tribute to the famous Carnival, Il Profvmo plays around hidden fantasies and unconfessed desires with daring creations… as masks beneath which one can hide.

Using pure and unique transparent bottles to reveal the subtle nuances of the natural fragrances, IL PROFVMO showcases Venetian craftsmanship, alive with that city’s baroque qualities and opulent charm.

A longtime lover of La Serenissima, Il Profvmo admires and is inspired by the style and splendor that emerged with the Commedia dell’Arte and the famous Carnival. The image and packaging of IL PROFVMO fragrances, although resolutely modern, leave no doubt as to their inspiration. The shiny red case and the golden patina of the embellishments reflect the time-honored codes of Haute Parfumerie while paying tribute to the magic of Venice.




One of Il Profvmo’s most famous perfumes is Chocolat. The name alone makes my mouth water. With its notes of cocoa, jasmine and vanilla, Chocolat triggers a nostalgia for childhood and that first taste of chocolate on special occasions, or to warm us on a cool night in a cup of hot cocoa. This is on my giving list this year – who wouldn’t want some delicious and sexy guilt free Chocolat? And the legendary Musc Bleu, one of my absolute favourite musk perfumes of all time (reviewed here)

Il Profumo Musc Bleu perfume review dalybeauty
Il Profumo Musc Bleu is one of my most beloved musk perfumes, ever.


Canada is very lucky to have the opportunity to shop for these gorgeous and hard to find perfumes right in Toronto. If you are looking for a new and unique scent for yourself, or for giving, you MUST go by the Il Profvmo Pop Up at Saks!

re the cover photo: this is a Murano glass perfume bottle that Il Profvmo offers in some of their exclusive boutiques. Isn’t it divine?

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