What’s You Secret To Waking Up Glowing? A “Midnight Secret”?

There are so many cult beauty products out there that sometimes I say “I simply must try  ________”, and then sadly forget about it. Because, you know, all of the new products. I recently decided that I must try Guerlain Midnight Secret, whose praises I feel like I’ve been reading about forever. It promises to give you a well rested glow, no matter how little sleep one’s had. Well, not quite, but it certainly claims to help. What Guerlain says:

So that you can finally get a little sleep without worrying about a cloudy complexion, Midnight Secret ensures that you wake up looking beautiful. To fight against signs of tiredness on the face, Guerlain Research has developed Hydronoctine, a complex whose active ingredients allow your skin to recover more quickly during the night. They boost the microcirculation and cell oxygenation and offer a decongesting effect, while limiting the harmful effects of free radicals.

With a few drops of this “sleep elixir” and a few hours’ rest, traces of fatigue seem to miraculously disappear and your complexion looks radiant.

I can't take this Mercury Retrograde another minute
I can’t take this Mercury Retrograde another minute


I’m not sure if it’s the impending full moon or Mercury being in retrograde, but a good nights sleep has recently been my nemesis. So it seemed like as good a time as any to give Guerlain Midnight Secret a try. So far I’ve used it every second night for almost ten days, and you know what? I love it. I actually can see a brightening glow upon application. And I definitely feel my ghostly winter pallor replaced with a gentle glow, and softly plumped skin when I wake up. At $140 CAN for 1 oz, time will tell whether or not I deem it worth buying once I’ve used up my sample.

Don't we all want a little magic in our potions?
Don’t we all want a little magic in our potions?


Have you tried Guerlain Midnight Secret? What’s your secret to waking up glowing?


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