Would You Dare To Wear Fake Freckles?

dalybeauty fake freckles

My eldest daughter has had freckles since she was a little girl, and they are of course adorable. They multiply in the sun and look even more adorable. When her  little sister was growing up, she was waiting for her own freckles to “come in”. She would stare in the mirror when she was young, hoping and waiting for that first freckle to pop up. One little mole and she would rejoice, believing the freckling had begun. Sadly it never did.

Fast forward to today and younger daughter still wants those freckles. In the past, cosmetic lines like Lancome and Chanel had actual “freckle pencils”. I know this because big sister used to bemoan her freckles. When she was little and the sun would bring more, she wished she didn’t have them. I remember telling her that there actual people out there who would pay money for a special type of cosmetic that would allow them to put fake freckles on their faces, because freckles are just that lovely and pretty. Today, Top Shop has a Freckle Pencil in their beauty collection so it’s clearly still a thing.

draw on freckles dalybeauty
Biddy and Laphong looking simultaneously adorable and exotic.

So cue younger daughter, a fine makeup brush, and her Too Faced Chocolate Bar  eye shadow palette. Her and her friend were sitting around and decided to get artistic and create their own freckles. She took the time to do a lovely dusting of freckles across the cheeks and and nose, using the brush to make them different sizes, shapes and shades, using different shades of eye shadow. I have to say I was mightily impressed.

Now, being just eye shadow freckles, a little unseasonable rain and your freckles are gone. Biddy used a spritz of NYX Setting Spray to keep her freckles from freaking out and leaving. My suggestions is to use a long wearing eye brow pencil, like the Maybelline Define A Brow one, as brow pencils tend to be soft and natural and would make great freckles no matter what your skin tone.

dalybeauty fake freckles

dalybeauty fake freckles

Here’s the thing. We paint so many things on our faces, from eye liner, to eye brows, to blush, and now the contouring and the strobing and the highlighting. Freckles are not exactly a stretch. I think it’s a fun way to mix up our look without going to extremes, and it’s kind of fun to feel like you may have a freckled alias or maybe even evil twin!

fake freckles dalybeauty
I just love this!

Would you try fake freckles? Have you? What other maverick-y beauty hacks have you tried or have been curious about?

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