Fitglow Beauty Makeup: A review

I’ve heard so much about Fitglow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation being the perfect “your skin but better” product, I just had to try it. I went to the Terra 20 near my house, tried it, loved it, and bought some. After sharing it on Instagram, Fitglow kindly sent me some more products from their collection and I was excited to try them all.

face by Fitglow Beauty

Fitglow is a plant based beauty line that is proudly and loudly vegan and cruelty free. What I appreciate about the brand is that they aren’t out there trying to sell fake science. Fitglow is open about their ingredients, they are not making any weird claims about “chemicals” (y’all know my feelings about that…) and have a simple and clear philosophy about their products. The owner of the company suffered from extreme rosacea, sensitive skin and couldn’t find makeup that didn’t make it worse. Heavy oils and silicones were too much for her so after much research, she created her own line of products that wouldn’t irritate her sensitive skin, and we all get to benefit!

All of the makeup products incorporate ingredients that one would find in skincare, so Fitglow is giving us beauty with benefits with their collection.

Left: Fitglow Vita-Active Foundation & Conceal

The first thing I noticed is how concentrated the formulas are. A tiny bit of foundation and concealer go a long way, so your products will last. Fitglow Vita-Active foundation is in a sealed opaque bottle, so it’s ingredients will remain stable, and Fitglow Conceal comes in a tube with doe foot applicator. Fitglow has a gorgeous dense and flat Kabuki brush for blending the foundation, and I uses my fingers for the concealer. Sometimes I use my fingers for all of it. Fitglow Lumi Firm is their cream formula highlighter, and it is my favourite highlighter. It has skin friendly ingredients that help plump up aging skin and is never ever too sparkly or disco ball-y. It truly does add a naturally lifted and lit-from-within look. Lumi Firm is the perfect highlighter for dry or aging skin.

Fitglow Active Foundation & Conceal blended – truly melt right into skin
This is the gorgeous Fitglow Lumi Firm highlighter

The lip serums are absolutely amazing and have become my favourite lip treatment and colour items in my collection. The Night Lip Serum is so beautiful, dear reader, I cannot keep my usage to only night. It is in my purse and is my go-to lip clear lip treatment. I have the Lip Colour Serum in Gospel, a soft rose that is a “your lips but better” on me and works perfectly with my medium fair complexion (yellow undertones).

Just look at Lip Serum in Gospel! Gorgeous.

Fitglow Vegan Good Lash is my favourite non waterproof mascara. It wears well, and most importantly, it does not irritate my super sensitive eyes, not even a little bit! It comes off easily with my oil cleanser and I just love it. It has a fantastic formula that has been noticed by beauty publications that have featured Vegan Good Lash in several “Best of” lists. I get it!

I just want to dive right into that Cloud Ceramide Balm!

Under all of these lovely products is one of my most favourite beauty products ever and that is Fitglow Cloud Ceramide Balm. I am OBSESSED with this gorgeous and luxurious moisturizer! It feels like heaven on my skin, instantly plumps and soothes dry irritated skin and of course, is perfect for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin. I want to slather my entire body in Cloud Ceramide Balm, and it could not be more perfectly named. As with all Fitglow products, it is concentrated and a little goes a long way, and it makes a perfect base for their makeup. Fitglow Beauty is unique in my collection, as each of their cosmetic items actually feel like skincare. If you are obsessed with your skin and with skincare, you really should check out this line. I am dying to explore the skincare line a little more! Have you tried any Fitglow products?

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