Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic Collection: Review

I’ve been a Pixie Beauty Glow Tonic lover for years. It’s a terrific toner & keeps my skin glowing & as smooth as can be. Its the perfect strength for my sensitive skin as well, giving me just the right amount of exfoliation without irritation.

I heard about the new Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic Collection and I just loved the idea of a line of products enriched with the miracle elixir of the original Glow Tonic. Renewing and hydrating, who doesn’t love that?

The Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel is terrific. I like to use it in the morning after having used a heavy night treatment, or as a 2nd cleansing step after using an oil cleanser, or a simple end of day cleanse when I haven’t worn anything on my face. It is a very gentle cleanser and does not foam, using a gentle glycolic acid along with aloe vera, leaving skin feeling smooth and clean. It is my latest go-to cleanser, and the gentle fragrance of honey suckle ( I think?) feels like a soothing spa experience.

The product that I’ve fallen head over heels for is the Pixi Beauty On-The-Glow stick. Hoo boy, this is a must have, people! It is my new favourite all purpose miracle moisture product and I carry it with me everywhere. It is formulated with a unique mix of antioxidants, gentle acids & vitamins to protect, treat and increase moisture level immediately & long term. It has ginseng to revitalizes & balance and glycolic ccid which moisturizes & renews. It is a terrific lip balm, I use it generously and even let it go over the edges of my lips, it helps hydrate and keep dry flaky skin away and gives a nice plump look.

But – the real miracle of the On-The-Glow stick is what it does for my NECK! Whew let me tell you – it’s miraculous. Seriously better than any neck treatment I have used at targeting the crepey skin that comes with age and sun damage. After my skincare routine, I then use the OTG stick on my neck, applying it in vertical swipes. . I let my skincare products sink in before applying makeup – if I apply makeup – and then finish off with a setting powder. Currently I am using an old fav, Nars Illuminating Pressed Powder. When I dust a little of this powder on my neck, all crepey skin is gone.

the magical duo

I am huge Pixi Beauty lover! In Canada, you can find Pixi Beauty and Pixi Skintreats at Shoppers Drug Mart.

*all products purchased by me

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