The Best Plumping Lip Mask Ever: Jouviance Plump & Go

I’m a lip balm/plumper/mask lover and am forever in search of the best. I’ve tried green, natural beauty that I’ve adored, like Kari Gran Cinnamon Tinted Lip Whip which is a lush and luscious balm.

I’ve tried luxury balms like La Mer and the ( now discontinued) Christian Dior Crème de Rose. Both were gorgeous and felt like an upgrade from petrolatum but they weren’t holy grail status. Dior would actually still be a favourite if it weren’t discontinued.

By Terry Baume de Rose would be the one that’s reached Holy Grail Status for me but it’s not sold anywhere near me. I get distracted by shiny things that are right in front of me and am a sucker for something I can buy right away so I’d tend to get By Terry when travelling.

Jouviance is a Canadian beauty brand that deserves more excitement in my opinion as it has some stellar products like their Restrictiv Retinol and their excellent Vitamin C serum.

Recently, Jouviance sent me their new Restrutiv Plump & Go plumping lip mask to try and so far it is absolutely true love for me. I’d been dying to try it after seeing a few posts about it – it’s a soft tinted pink that adds a gentle glow, sort of like the pink Vaseline. But the balm itself is incredible. Not only does it add instant brightness with the pink tint but it does plump in that it adds moisture. I like it as a daily lip treatment. I kept it on my bedside table and made a point of applying it nightly. It’s got a lovely lush texture so it soothes dry lips and just feels good. And, after using it every night my chapped lips are a thing of the past. I’m amazed. I was staring at the magnifying mirror the other day, tweezers in hand, and just noticed how my lips looked so soft and not even remotely dry.

At $29 this is easily one the the best value luxury product I’ve tried. I want a second pot for my purse because it brightens easily without being sticky or messy. Perfect. It’s also vegan if that’s a thing for you. I get my Jouviance at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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