Smell Like A Real Housewife: Sisley Soir d’Orient #RHOSC

One of my more ridiculous obsessions is perfume spotting in TV and film. If there is even a hint of a bottle on screen I have to pause and investigate immediately. Even more so when it’s one of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Near the end of last season we caught a glimpse of some toiletries on a bathroom counter and my eagle eye spotted perfume.

I spy with my little eye a bottle of perfume

I recognized that distinctive golden cap as my friend Henna of Canadian Beauty has posted HER bottle of this stunning perfume. Hello Sisley Soir d’Orient you gorgeous creature, you. I assumed it was Lisa Barlow’s perfume…however she has corrected me! This is not her perfume – it belongs to Meredith Marks! Lisa Barlow wears Kurkdjian Baccarat! Now we know Meredith Marks smells beautiful.

Sisley Soir d’Orient is a gorgeous rose oud/incense. It is surprisingly soft and clean which is sort of unexpected for a perfume with this name and note list. But some oud notes smell quite clean and crisp, almost antiseptic, and are easier to wear than their funky counterparts. Sisley lists only three “notes” which I find refreshing as perfume notes are just a guide or indication of what the perfume smells like versus a list of actual ingredients. Notes are ad copy. They list saffron, rose and incense and yes it smells as wonderful as it sounds. Saffron has a unique scent profile and has aspects of sweet hay, earth, honey and leather. It’s used quite sparingly in Soir d’Orient and I detect a whisper of delicate berries. The rose is always present but it’s a crisp rose, slightly soapy, without any of the sour notes present in some rose perfumes. The incense base is where the oud vibe comes from. It’s serene and calming, unlike certain Housewives.

I already know I need a bigger bottle

It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen this hard for a perfume. It takes a lot for me to purchase a perfume. Henna sent me a Soir s’Orient decant and it instantly had me in a chokehold immediately. I drained that decant and found a bottle for myself.

Sisley Eau de Soir is obscenely expensive on the Sisley counter but hey – it’s your money. If you want to be a bit of a detective it’s available online for a third of retail.

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