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The precious – pry these from my cold, dead hands…

Ok after getting many requests, here is the lowdown on my favourite easy beauty items. I keep it fairly simple and have favourites that remain in my collection regardless of the many things I try. Yes sometimes new releases are so great they make it into the rotation. So…this is put forward as “subject to change” 😉

Seriously, I am very lazy and do not like to wear a lot of makeup – weird right? Further to that, I am obsessed with skincare, and will be doing some skincare breakdowns soon. If we take care of our skin, then we really only need a few staples in our bag.  Things like eye liner and mascara are a whole other thing, and a little more personal, but I will also cover my favourites there in a future post. The beauty of these products is that I have found they do not irritate my sensitive skin, nor do they cause my reactive skin to break out. Yay!

dalybeauty daily makeup routine


Foundation powder: I hate liquid foundation, and never wear it. It always made me feel like my skin was suffocating. However, a light buffing of the right sheer powder all over can even skin tone and add a glow. My favourites are both super sheer, but if you feel you’d like more coverage, you can build them. I have 2 that I am never without. I alternate them depending on my mood. Adding a little powder to your concealer can give you perfect skin in a minute. Trust me when I say these powders are NOT makeup-y or heavy. They are sheer and let your own skin breath and don’t look like a mask. The deal with both of these powders is “buffing”. Meaning you brush it over your skin, then use the soft fat brush and literally buff the powder all over like you are waxing your face. Trust me – it’s genius. Makes a little makeup go a long way.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base (sold at local spas, here is a store locator for Ottawa. I get mine at Renu Spa) you buy the compact and the powder then buy refills after that. You also need to get the special brush that comes with, as it needs to be lightly buffed into the skin for perfect coverage. This product may change your life it is that amazing. Seriously. It also has SPF 20. Jane Iredale is also what I would call “clean beauty” so you can feel good about what you are using on your skin. I use Golden Glow and honestly I can’t imagine being without.

CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder is pure genius. It’s super light, like a soft translucent powder with the softest touch of sun. You would likely need the lightest or second lightest shade and like the Iredale, it’s kind of amazing in how just a little makes you glow. They also have a nice fat kabuki brush that I recommend. I find No 20 perfect for me all year round, but No 30 is great if I want a more tan bronzed look.


Concealer: important. A good concealer can make the difference between tired “omg are you feeling ok” to “wow you look great have you been away?”. My recommendation is easy – just one. The star of the concealer world….
My favourite concealer, hands down, is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Every makeup artist I’ve worked with has it in their bag, for good reason. It lasts, never looks cakey or fake, and does what it says. You can get this at Sephora or Nordstrom. I use Light 2.


Blush: I am a huge believer in creamy blushes. They blend into the skin, they stick to the skin and look the most natural, in my opinion. You can use fingers to apply, then blend with fingers, or a Beauty Blender sponge. The sponges are amazing but I’m lazy and find them just one more thing to wash. Personal preference here for sure. Creamy blushes are best applied BEFORE powder foundations.

Lately I am obsessed with Josie Maran Coconut Water Cheek Gelee. They look intense in the jar but are quite sheer and a jar will last a lifetime. They last 14 hours and add the perfect sheer glow. Poppy Paradise is my favourite colour and would be perfect for you as well. Get at Sephora. Apply with fingers.

Another good one if you prefer a more traditional “creamy” blush is Make Up For Ever HD Blush. I use 220 Sand, which is the perfect nude pink. Funny this is one that often gets compliments like “your skin looks amazing” which is pretty neat for a blush. I apply with my fingers and blend. Get at Sephora.


Hourglass Ambient Strobe Powder: magic! Get this and the little sponge that comes with. Lightly brush sponge across powder then apply to tops of cheekbones and browbones after applying all makeup. Lightly blend and then revel in your glowing beauty. Honestly I guarantee you will love. Get at Sephora. My favourite shade is Incandescent.

Elegant lip balms: I love these, mostly because I don’t often wear lipstick. I don’t love getting my Vaseline out of my purse when I’m out and having to stick my finger in a pot *blech* as it’s so inelegant. So, I am ridiculous and use CHANEL Rouge Coco Balm which is a) amazing lip balm and b) looks elegant and applies like lipstick. If I do want to appear like a grown up lady and use lipstick, CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine in BOY is a fool proof “my lips but better shade” and is sheer enough to apply without a mirror. Get at Nordstrom or The Bay.


I have 2 makeup items that are always and only in my purse in addition to my fancy lip balms and glosses. I loathe the idea of slapping on more makeup as the day goes on (well depends how long the day is…) but if I know I just need to touch up I always have:

YSL Touche Eclat – this sheer concealer is great for touch ups during the day. Under eyes, in the inner corner of eyes, around the nose and on spots, it’s sheer enough to apply during the day without looking like spackle. Get at Sephora, Nordstrom or The Bay at the YSL counter. I use 2.5, but if I am very pale, 2 works as well.


NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder – GENIUS and I am never without. It’s pretty much invisible on skin, but is sort of like photoshop. It blurs imperfections and adds a glow but you never see it. I use a small purse size kabuki brush (Sephora brand) to apply. Honestly this stuff is magic. Get at Sephora or Nordstrom.

Do you have and love any of these beauties too? What are some of your beauty staples? Is there a great concealer, powder or blush I need to try? Spill!

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    All of those Chanel products peaked my interest and I’m not normally a Chanel type of gal. I guess I’m in the mood for something luxurious. Thank you 🙂

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