Menopause, Hormones & Our Changing Skin: Vichy NeoVadiol Compensating Complex

Vichy has been committed to to making our skin look it’s best for over eighty years. In 2001, Vichy introduced the NeoVadiol line, the first skincare line to address the effects of menopause on the skin. September was Menopause Awareness Month, and Vichy celebrated that month with the introduction of NeoVadiol Compensating Complex. Coming up on October 18th 2015, it will be National Menopause Day. Considering we live almost one third of our lives in menopause, I’m doing my part to keep the conversation going, with the help of Vichy and their advanced and amazing skincare science.

If you read Daly Beauty regularly, you’ll know I’ve been a giant Vichy fan forever. Vichy ProEven and ProEven Night are staples in my skincare regimen for keeping my skintone even. Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 is my favourite all purpose serum, and the LiftActiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes is magical. So I’ve been keen to try their newest NeoVadiol line as, like it or not, my skin is changing. I’m proud to be a Vichy Ambassador!

Vichy NeoVadiol Compensating Complex is the product of fourteen years of research and has an impressive thirteen patents. While it won’t make any of us into The Bionic Woman, NeoVadiol Compensating Complex is the first of it’s kind to compensate for the loss of hormone production by reproducing the effect of the youth hormone on the skin. The big one is DHEA, which peaks at around twenty five. By the time we are around seventy, we have around ten percent of what we had in our youth. DHEA levels effect our cell turnover, the synthesis of collagen, the lack of which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. So we aren’t talking about harsh exfoliation, we are talking about infusing the skin and rejuvenating it.

You can't hide your skin from the effects of menopause.
You can’t hide your skin from the effects of menopause.

I had the chance to speak with Anik Kerry-Denis, Vichy’s Scientific Relations Leader, and she is very excited about the science behind this line. When Vichy introduced the most recent NeoVadiol line at the World Congress of Dermatology at a symposium on menopause, it caused a sensation. Vichy’s research showed that DHEA positively acts on the epidermis, dermis and sebum production, which declines with age. The Vichy NeoVadiol formula counterbalances the three fundamental markersof menopause on skin. After just 28 days, women noticed a transformation. Skin feels denser and deeply hydrated with improved elasticity.

So lets talk about first impressions. As with all of my Vichy loves, the NeoVadiol feels beautiful going on my skin. Thanks also to decreasing levels of DHEA, my skin has been very sensitive that last few years, and I find I have to be careful when applying a new antiaging product. I use the serum on my face and cream on my neck during the day, and the cream all over at night. I’ll say right now that I have noticed a marked difference in the firmness of the skin on my neck already. This is one of the first places the loss of firmness starts to show so I’m fighting it now! I would say the key words with these products for me is radiance and freshness. Almost like faking a good night’s sleep and being super hydrated, except it isn’t faking! I look forward to sharing my experiences with Vichy NeoVadiol and how it is helping my changing skin, and how Vichy is changing the way we approach antiaging skincare.

Hand on the left has been treated with NeoVadiol Serum, hand on right with nothing. Note the instant glow! More on this next post....
Hand on the left has been treated with NeoVadiol Serum, hand on right with nothing. Note the instant glow! More on this next post….

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