Beautiful Beauty Blog Round Up

Well summer is here and its been gorgeous and sunny. But…the deluge started last night and the rain continues to fall while the house shakes with thunder. A perfect time to curl up with some fantastic beauty tips and temptations! Enjoy…I know my garden is enjoying the rain and the blue sky will be back soon enough.
Gouldylox Reviews is giving away a Napolean Perdis set of 5 products to give you a summertime glow. Sign up today!
The Non-Blonde gives us a taste of the newer lipstick line called Bite Beauty and the delicious lip color Shiraz.
Fab Over Forty shows us one of the many looks that can be created with Le Metier de Beaute Penelope Kaleidoscope.
Daly Beauty shares with us her radiant results from the Benefit b.right foaming cleanser. Did it give her that youthful glow?
Café Makeup shares with us some of the first close-up looks of the beautiful Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eye shadows for fall.
Best Things in Beauty found Chanel’s Joues Contraste Fards à Joues Poudre in Rose Écrin to be a perfect blushing pink complement to the Chanel fall eye looks.
Karla Sugar gives us a complete and comprehensive shopping guide to MAC newest collection called Bloggers Obsessions.
Product Girl Laurie needed to summerize her handbag and what’s in it. She shares with us her lightweight summer essentials.
Diva Debbi teaches us how to become “sleeping beauties” with the latest hair products from Nexxus and Kevin Mancuso’s tips.
BeautyXposé tests Salon Graphix 450 Maximum Heat Protect Spray. Does it really help your hair beat the heat? See her results.
The Beauty Look Book gives us a comparison between the Chanel Spring and Fall 2011 Collections; Ombres Perleés de Chanel vs Illusion d’Ombre.

A few more links to enjoy:

Beautygeeks has some lovely summer skin pick-me-ups that work for combination and oily skin. I already know which ones I want…

Bless her heart, BeautyEditor has a ton of tips for what do when you get a giant zit on your face and you want it gone fast- obviously!

Eyeliner On A Cat rhapsodizes about a natural perfume overflowing with flowers- it is on my must try list!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy whatever weather comes your way! I will try to enjoy this rain…

Chanel’s Beautiful Intermezzo Nail Polish

Chanel’s Beautiful Intermezzo Nail Polish

And…my Chanel nail polish love continues with yet another soft neutral. Easy to wear and very summery, Chanel Intermezzo takes the “Secret Shimmer” Chanel does so well and bumps it up a notch. Not so secret but certainly subtle, the soft pink/green shimmer in the pale silvery white of Intermezzo adds a fun and very pretty dimension to what could just be another pale neutral. I usually wear opaque whites on my toes but decided since my Chanel Rose Insolent pedi was so perfect and cheery I opted for the nails. Yes, I am WILD that way!
Sun out…
…and then a cloud came…
Typical smooth lovely Chanel application followed by fairly decent drying time for a light colour, I am wearing two coats here with my Lippmann Hard Rock as a base and top coat. This is 2 days after applying. Love it- and we know that pale colours just don’t show tip wear like the brights. Although I am feeling the need for a bright nail…one of my friends was Tweeting about her OPI High Maintenance manicure this morning and suddenly I find myself craving a candy red mani. I’m funny that way…

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil Makes Skin Beautiful

If you have been reading this blog, you know I am a huge Palmers fan. I have the CocoButter stick in my car at all times for lips, cuticles, knees and elbows, and of course, the unscented Palmers Coco Butter Lotion is a staple in my moisturizer arsenal. During the deep cold dry months of winter, the Coco Butter Formula solid in the jar is often the only the only thing that helps. 
So I was quite happy to hear that Palmers released their Skin Therapy Oil. My readers also know I am a lover of skin oils, especially when bare legs are on display. This Skin Therapy oil is preservative-free, and fairly lightweight, although it’s not quite what I’d call a “dry oil”. It contains an exclusive blend of key ingredients formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, aging skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Sort of along the same lines as the lotion. I definitely notice a difference in skin tone the appearance of stretch marks from diligent use of the Palmers lotions so colour me a lover of palm oil for the skin. 
Palmers Skin Therapy Oil has sesame oil in it, which I love. It is light and delicate and feels like it sinks right into the skin. There is a touch of silicone in this product but its just enough to give the product a nice slip when applying. If you have oily or acne prone skin, as I do, I would not recommend using the Skin Therapy Oil on your face. But, it is amazing on the body. I have been using it at bedtime and definitely notice a difference in how my skin looks in the morning. Smooth soft knees, elbows and feet (yes feet!) and it is especially nice after bathing when you’ve spent a long day in the sun. Amazing.
Betty Grable legs- a “DO”
It does have that yummy chocolate-y Palmers scent, which is lovely, but these days I prefer scent free body products. Granted, it does not last long, but it does interfere with my perfume so my solution is to be sure I apply it well in advance of leaving the house, or the night before. If you like using a skin oil, I highly recommend giving this a try! For around $10 for big 150ml bottle at Walmart, this is an easy buy!
Gwyneth’s legs- yeah, these are a “DON’T” 

Benefit b.right It’s Potent & Beautiful Eye Cream

I got myself this lovely cream when I purchased the Benefit Foamingly Clean cleansing cream. It comes in such a pretty pale blue glass jar, this line of products really looks pretty and elegant sitting on your vanity or bathroom shelf. Too pretty to hide away! I liked the consistency of the cream when I sampled it at Sephora as it felt rich but not greasy- which works for me.

It’s Potent! is smooth and light, with hyaluronic acid (a fave ingredient of mine!) to add moisture and “contains a peptide complex known to help restore elasticity & firmness, a blend of hydrating botanical extracts including apple extract, known to help boost collagen, & loquat extract, known to help protect the skin from free radical damage”.  It has a nice consistency and soaks in nicely. I have been using it at night and in the morning and really like it. It moisturizes and works well as a base for eye make up.  It does give a soft smooth radiance to the eye area, and it does not use shimmer or frosty sparkly effects which is great, because that stuff just settles into and emphasizes lines.

The b.right line does promise radiance and delivers on that count. I do notice a smoothing effect on fine lines after application which is a plus! In the end, I think I need a richer formula so I may go back to my Shiseido Benefiance for daytime or to use in conjunction with the It’s Potent! cream. I got my Benefit b.right products at Sephora- the It’s Potent eye cream is $32.

Benefit b.right Foamingly Clean for a Beautiful Clean

I have been eyeing the new Benefit skincare line for awhile. The packaging is pretty with that signature Benefit retro style and quite appealing actually. The sky blue glass jars or plastic tubes with the burled wood look to the caps remind me of antique glass with hobnail detailing. They have a tactile appeal as well as visual- which I love. Practical as well, as they don’t slip right out of your hands if they are wet or creamy due the little knobs. And, b.right, bright and be right- get it? Cute!
I was recently shopping at Sephora perusing the Benefit counter, when I ran into an old friend who I knew from when I worked in the perfume biz. She is gorgeous and smart and I respect her beauty opinion and she convinced me I HAD to try the cleanser as she was using it and loving it. Like me, she has combination skin, albeit younger less lined skin, and that she was really happy with the results she was getting from the Benefit Foamingly Clean cleanser. It didn’t take a lot of prodding for me to toss it into my basket and take it home. At $21 for a big tube, and only using a tiny bit, this will last me quite a awhile. I also put back my Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream (GASP!) and decided to also buy Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream– that review is here.
The whole b.right line emphasizes radiance- no matter if we have dry, oily, combination, young or aging skin, we all want it to be radiant, right? Benefit has cut to the chase and targeted that “one” aspect, which is rather clever. Radiant pretty much covers all our skin needs and wants, across the board.
Now THIS is radiant…am I looking in the mirror or what? 
Using the Benefit Foamingly Clean is wonderful luxurious cleaning experience. It has a very soft scent, barely noticeable and does not linger on the skin. But it’s the texture that is really something else. I like the old school cold cream feeling it has as it really seems like it is getting every last bit of dirt and make up off my skin. I have tried using Pond’s Cold Cream cleanser and really like the way it takes off every last drop of everything, but was not keen on the oily residue it left behind. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, but it just didn’t feel clean enough to me. Foamingly Clean has a magical formula that emulsifies beautifully as you rub it into your skin. It feels rich and lovely yet magically foams (not big soapy foam) and rinses away clean. My skin feels clean, not oily and not remotely dry or tight. My oily sensitive skin has not protested and I am very happy with this. I have been using it at night to take off the make up and grime of the day- which includes sunscreen and “stuff” as on sunny days I drive a convertible. Who knows what is on my face by the end of the day, but after a lovely cleansing with Benefit Foamingly Clean all the bad stuff is gone. Love this!
I now want to try the Moisture Prep Toning Lotion and of course, the Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist, because I love me a good facial mist. Have you tried the Benefit b.right Radiance line? 

Beautiful Beauty Blog Round Up

Time to relax for the weekend! Looking for some potions and remedies to help you look your best? We’ve got the scoop. It’s glorious here, with endless blue skies, sunshine and summer warmth. Sending sunshine your way- enjoy!
The Beauty Look Book took a short vacation break to share Dior’s limited-edition Les Rouge – three glamorous red shades for your nails.
Best Things in Beauty introduced Le Métier de Beauté’s exclusive new Écumes D’or Kaleidoscope Lip Kit.
Product Girl fell for Josie Maran’s Argan Eye Love You Too Palette.
Check out Gouldylox Reviews for COVERGIRL’s new LipPerfection Lip Color.
Fab over Forty has a great giveaway contest for Lancôme’s Hypnotic Eyes Summer Glow Sultry Eye Look Set.
The Non-Blonde continued her brush series with one you’ll want from Louise Young.
KarlaSugar shared a tip for applying concealer the “right way.” It’s a must-read.
DivaDebbi helped us with information to keep our eyebrows in tip-top shape.
Ever wonder how to do a French braid? BeautyXposé posted a video to show you how easy it can be.

Daly Beauty (that’s me!) thinks the pale pink beauty of Chanel Jade Rose Nail Polish is just peachy.

Beautiful Beauty Blog Round Up

vintage Vogue cover…

Welcome to the feeling of summer! There are some changes here at the beauty roundup and one of them is a new addition! We welcome Karla Sugar to our group and know you will enjoy her beauty swatches and more. Enjoy the latest in beauty and skincare this week has to offer.

Gouldylox Reviews learned a lesson about self-tanners that we all should take notice and learn from.

BeautyXposé wants us to get our glow on for summer so she’s doing a giveaway of Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect!

Best Things In Beauty got her hands on the Lumières Byzantines de Chanel Palette. There’s quite a story to go with the swatches.

Product Girl shows us how to give our eyes a little sparkle and shine with Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners.

Fab Over Forty was all bronzed up with Lancome’s newest Summer 2011 Collection, Bronze Azure.

Karla Sugar swatches the new glosses by Giorgio Armani Beauty called Gloss d’Armani. How do they compare to the old formula?

The Non-Blonde shows us a few shades of the Dior Addict lipsticks and is giving some away! Be sure to sign up.

Diva Debbi used the new Brazilian Peel and gave it a glowing review. See how she says it compares to others.

Daly Beauty loves the scent of jasmine and shares with us some of her favorite fragrances that contain the beautiful scent.

The Beautiful Chanel Jade Rose Nail Polish

The Beautiful Chanel Jade Rose Nail Polish

Oh Chanel – you and your divine nail polish shades are making my wallet weep. I tried, like REALLY TRIED, to find a dupe for Chanel Jade Rose. Jade Rose underwhelmed me when it was released but, then, a year later, I just fell for it. Seeing it in Chanel’s Cruisewear 2011 show combined with Beige Petale as the mani-pedi combo made me have. To. Have. It.
I looked high and low, thinking it would be easy to find a pale peachy pink nail polish. I mean, it’s kind of a basic and surely every line would have something similar. Sadly, I was wrong. And I know why. Chanel has something I call Secret Shimmer- a subtle and ladylike shimmer, deep inside the polish, that adds a dimension to their colours that only Chanel can do.
See that pink toned shine? The Secret Shimmer!
You see it in the bottle but barely notice it, if at all, on the nails. It just adds depth and beauty to a colour and no one, I mean NO ONE, else can do this. So I sucked it up and finally got myself some Jade Rose. And I don’t regret it for a minute. It is gorgeous and a lovely summer neutral with the peach tone adding a lovely twist to my collection of nude nail colours. It applies like a dream and wears very well, as all my Chanel nail polishes do. This is one of the reasons I shell out for them- a manicure that lasts more than a few days is priceless…when you are crazy…like me….At any rate, I know I will wear this one… like crazy.
In sunlight…
Natural light indoors…

Beautiful Jasmines

Beautiful Jasmines

Jasmine field in China

Jasmine is my favourite note in perfume and I am constantly searching for a simple, green jasmine that smells sweet and true. Jasmine scents (and other white florals such as orange blossom, gardenia, honeysuckle and lilac) can be tricky as they often contain indolic compounds- hard to explain although Bois de Jasmin does a superb job here– that need to be finely balanced in the dilution of the perfume. Indoles have a narcotic quality that can knock you over if they are too strong. There is also an odd, well, animalic quality to jasmine, a compound that shares a few molecules with horse sweat. I prefer a more gentle sparkling white floral. I know some people who wear animalic type scents beautifully; as I fully believe how we wear perfume is so individual. Our own body chemistry, skin type as well as personal preference of course, dictates what smells good on us. The many years I worked in the perfume industry did teach me a few things about what smells good on what people so I can often suggest or guess perfect perfumes for you if you tell me one or two of your favorites. But, I digress. Jasmine is what we are talking about today.

As time goes on I find myself liking simpler, gentler scents that I wore in the past. Oh, the 80s- remember Giorgio anyone? I would never have thought I would enjoy wearing soliflore scents (soliflores are fragrances replicating the scent of a single flower) as I really enjoy the development of a perfume. The top notes can sparkle and shine, then slowly warm to a lovely gently blooming heart note, and then later, a warm base note develops on my skin. I enjoy the journey a complex perfume takes me on. But lately, I find many contemporary scents are a mish mash of notes, all jammed together in a big crock pot with little or no evolution from top to base. I’m at the perfume counter, feeling overwhelmed by synthetic notes in various levels from tester to tester that after awhile, all smell the same. So lately I’ve taken to wearing simpler scents that I can layer myself, which I find much more satisfying. I can keep it simple if I like, then mix it up when I need something more interesting and complex.

Today I will suggest some of my favorite jasmine scents:

Keiko Mecheri Jasmine

Keiko Mecheri Jasmine: This is simple pretty jasmine. Slightly green and dewy, this one really feels like you are sticking your nose into a lush jasmine bush. It is a delicate scent with a touch of musk in the dry down. A hint of petit grain keep it from being sweeter, although I like sweet, this one is lovely and summery. Very nice and if you are a jasmine lover you should seek this out.

Creed Jasmal

Creed Jasmal: Jasmine and only jasmine. Very clear and green but in the end a little more than I want. Not sweet enough perhaps and too strong, even though it is a soliflore.  It has a watery quality to it that is difficult to describe. This one gets a lot of love though, so it is worth a try. A classic elegant and understated perfume, it was created for Natalie Wood in 1959. I love a perfume with provenance!

By Killian Love and Tears (Surrender)

By Kilian Love & Tears (Surrender): Ok this is not a gentle soliflore, this is JASMINE and lots of it. It is heady and lush, and the word “narcotic” applies here. Love & Tears is a sultry jasmine, and a heartbreaker too. There are other floral notes in here but they are beautifully blended. The odd addition of cypress in this one adds a tenacious green aspect that makes it “chewy” which is one of my favourite qualities in a perfume. That feeling of almost wanting to eat it. Yes, I am a crazy pefumista.

L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons

L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons: This one is not a soliflore at all, but it is quite gentle and deliciate and jasmine is the scent that rises above the others in this. Sparkling is another word I would use for this delightful perfume. I adore it and it has been a summer staple for me for years. It is like walking through a garden of jasmine on a hot summer day. There is a “honeyed” aspect to the flowers in this one and you can almost see the butterflies flying by when you wear it. If you have not tried this and you like white florals, please give it a try. [Note: there is an Extreme aka Eau de Parfum version of this which is lovely, but different for sure. There is a pink pepper note that, while pretty, is strong in this version, making it a whole other scent than the original]

Old style bottle

Chantecaille Le Jasmin:  An odd but pretty jasmine, this is one that challenges me a bit in the top note, which is weird and difficult to pinpoint. I think it may be the mimosa they use but I can’t be sure. I have a love/hate thing going on with the top as I tend to love a perfume that makes me think and puzzle a bit. It dries down to a simple pretty jasmine with a very clean musk base. Its lovely and wearable and very summery. I can see wearing Le Jasmin at a summer garden party with a pretty dress. Noting that this is an older bottle style. They have redone their perfume collection which is a pity.  Also a pity are the new perfume bottles they introduced. The old style bottles were elegant & simple with a heavy glass high quality feel. The new ones are a bit tacky and just don’t have the same appeal.

The Different Company Jasmin de Nuit

The Different Company Jasmin de Nuit: This one is really beautiful. I wonder why I haven’t got another bottle of this. Its sweet and gentle with a subtle dark aspect – the “Nuit” part. Some soft whispery spices on the top (cardamom and cinnamon) with some black currant added into the heart add a sweet almost edible feel to this beauty. Its a sexy jasmine I suppose, but not in a diva way at all. Love it.

Nuxe Huile Progidieuse

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: This is not a perfume nor does it seem to be officially jasmine scented but that matters not. It is simply gorgeous. I do get a gentle jasmine scent, similar to the jasmine that grows in my friend’s back yard in Florida. I adore this and this is the jasmine perfume I have always wanted. My only wish would be for it to be a) an actual perfume and b) stronger, but then it might not be as lovely as it is. It makes skin feel and look sublime, especially bare legs in the summer, and manages to be an oil that isn’t oily- a magical “dry oil”. But the scent is the winner here. Soft, gentle, with a hint of indole & green, this is my dream jasmine.

Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint: Previously reviewed by me here

Love’s Soft Jasmine

Love’s Soft Jasmine: Ok this is just for fun, but does anyone remember this one? I recently found an older bottle on ebay and was surprised at how pretty it was. It was as I remembered it, and it was funny how that scent took me back in time. It is a bit of a rubbery jasmine, which doesn’t necessarily mean fake, as there is a rubber aspect to white florals. It has the pretty powdery Love’s Baby Soft base and is about as inoffensive as you can get. It has a little more alcohol that I like in my perfumes so I spray my sheets and lightbulbs with this one. Soft, innocent and summery.

I have a few more soft jasmines I need to try. Annick Goutal Le Jasmin, the new Guerlain Acqua Allegoria Jasminora and Diptyque Olene and Child, both of which I tried years ago, when I didn’t know how much I love jasmine so they are worth a re-sniff. What are your faves? I’d love recommendations.

Random Beautiful Thoughts for June…

Music: I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my revisiting of The Eagles classic, Hotel California. I adored this and got a copy of this in vinyl when I was 12, then later when I was driving, I had the cassette tape to listen to in my car. It makes me think of summer and, well, driving, and those are two of my most favorite things so the associations are Good Things. Yes, The Eagles have been around forever, yes they are mainstream and not cutting-edge (god forbid). But, they write lovely songs and pretty melodies that make me feel good when I sing along. Love those harmonies between Don Henley, Glenn Fry and that  uber mellow 70s Joe Walsh sound. Who doesn’t want a peaceful easy feeling these days?

Book: Well, I’ve decided to revisit some classics in between more current fiction, which I also enjoy. Both of my daughters are reading and loving Game Of Thrones, which I look forward to starting at some point. In the meantime, I’ve decided to read Ulysses by James Joyce. I was so sure I had read this in school but it was Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man. I kind of wish I had a friend that would read Ulysses with me, as I think it would be interesting and helpful to discuss this hefty tome. I guess I’m feeling the need to examine the human condition, and to test my brain, something I don’t do nearly as often as I should. I am torn about reading it as an ebook on my iPad. Should I read the actual book, preferably one with wide margins so I can make thoughtful annotations? Is an ebook sacrilege for Joyce? Or would he find it funny?

Food: I’ve been feeling in a food rut after this long cold and damp winter, so I have been looking for inspiration. I want food that is fresh, with some bite. So lately it’s been Thai inspired dishes, with lots of fresh basil, mint and the oh so yummy Rooster Sriracha Sauce. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! Spicy and hot but with a lovely sweet and salty flavor that is perfectly balanced. I love to add fresh cilantro to dishes as well, but that is a love it or hate it herb in this house, so it’s always on the side.

Fashion: SUNDRESSES! Yay, summer has finally arrived and nothing makes me happier than throwing on one item of clothing and BAM, you’re ready. Flowing, pretty and feminine, there is a dress for every shape, height and taste. I love a classic shirtdress with flat sandals for a more polished hot weather daytime style, or a cool and flowing wrap dress with heels for an evening out. I also love the comfort of a filmy gauzy boho style cotton dress for those super hot days when you want as little as possible coming between you and the weather. LOVE!

Tommy Hilfiger Gingham Shirtdress- I am loving this one!

Skincare: As much as I adore the heat and humidity of summer, it can make my skin a little shinier and more blemish prone, especially when I’m driving in a convertible with lots of sunscreen. I don’t know where I would be without my Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. Made for oily skin, it shrinks pores, dries up blackheads and blemishes and makes skin tight and smooth. It contains, among other things, kaolin clay, sulphur and zinc oxide, which are all known to be magic for oily skin. It is very minty and dries to a tight dry mask and I would say very sensitive skin types would not enjoy this. It could irritate or sting. On me, it is cooling and cleansing and I adore it. For under $6 for a large tube, talk about bang for your buck. I get mine at Walgreens when I’m in the US. I don’t know if it available in Canada but you can order it from their website.

Make Up: Thanks to the recommendation of the gorgeous and wise Michelyn over at Ca Fleure Bon, I have been using Urban Decay 24-7 Waterproof Eyeliner. I decided to give it a try instead of buying my usual Lancome Le Stylo. I use the black and I tightline along my upper and lower lashes. Well all I can say is wow. It lasts and lasts and lasts, does not bleed or smudge and does not irritate my eyes. Love it!

Perfume: Ah summertime and time for my favorite perfumes- florals. I have been obsessing about Guerlain’s Terracotta Eau Sous Le Vent scent lately and now the weather is perfect for it. Subtle and sexy tiare with something yummy that smells like warm sunkissed skin makes this one irresistible. It is very soft, and I mean very, so if you are looking for a BANG perfume this one isn’t it. You have to lean in very close to smell this one because the floral notes are so delicate and lovely. This is another one of my bedtime favourites as well. The bottle is so pretty and simple, and there is something so retro and tactile about the wooden cap. Guerlain also says it has skin conditioning properties, which is just fine with me. Make me smell good and have soft skin- yes please! You must read Best Things In Beauty’s review, she says what I feel about this scent just perfectly.

What are you loving these days? I’d love to know…