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July 2014


Perfect Pinky Nude Lips & Nails By Marc Jacobs Beauty

I am perilously close to having a Marc Jacobs Beauty addiction. When it first launched I thought, “Oh great. Another fancy person/designer/tv star/whatever has tossed licensed their brand and slapped it on to what will likely be a mediocre line…

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CHANEL’s Summer of Purple Lashes, Hot Pink Lips & Bright Tips

Chanel’s Summer 2014 makeup collection, Reflets d’Ete, is chock full of gorgeous brights. Bright and vivid, and almost reminiscent of the eighties. Especially the purple mascara, Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara Violet Touch. There was an orange mascara as well, which I passed…

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Life On Nars: Their Reformulated Nail Polish Is Out Of This World

There is much to love about the Nars cosmetic line. It’s lways right on-trend, while always remaining classic and elegant, and never trendy. I’ve always admired their nail polishes but somehow never bought one. Their colours are super chic, and…

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