Daly Beauty Morning Skincare Routine

Daly Beauty Morning Skincare Routine

Daly Beauty Morning Skincare Routine


Goodness knows, my skincare routine changes from time to time. I am a shameless product junkie, and I am always looking for the latest greatest skincare item. Right now, however, this is the facial skincare routine I am loving right now.

Face toner

My favourite toner right now. I like the light plastic bottle (no breakage) and the spritz option. I spray it all over my face

Lip treatment

The Benefiance WrinkleResist Intensive Eye Contour Cream (replaced the original Benefiance, I see little or no difference in formula) is simply the best eye cream for dry skin.

My newest eye serum fave – it’s light and absorbs instantly, and I notice a lovely smoothness to the eye area.

Chanel makeup primer

If you don’t have this, what are you waiting for? Expensive, yes, but you use drops of this. It will last ages. And it makes you gorgeous.

Peter thomas roth face wash

Still my favourite glycolic cleanser. My skin feels clean and clear, yet never dry. LOVE.

Well. Everyone needs Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. Delivers much-needed moisture to the skin.

A luxurious smoothing  moisturizer that acts as a primer. It has all these melt-y ingredients that seem to magically bond with your skin ( #protip I also put it on my cuticles)

This Kosmea serum is fantastic, and the tone beautifying rosehip oil in this line is what makes it so fantastic. I use this on my neck and décolletage to combat time and sun…

I alternate this with my Skinceuticals B5 Gel. It’s rich and a rejuvenating treat for your skin. Instantly adds radiance, and has long term benefits.
All products are subject to change, of course. The links are below! Do you use any of these products? What is part of your routine?
Daly Beauty Heroes

Daly Beauty Heroes

These are my bathroom shelf heroes right now.
Weak nails? You need to try the Trind Keratin Nail Treatment. Read more about my thoughts here. You need this.
I finally “get” the excitement around Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate. It’s silky and rich, and moisturizes without adding grease. Used as a makeup base or as a boost to whatever moistuzier I am using, it is perfect. I also love putting in on my hands, nails and cuticles at bedtime. No wonder this cult item is a favourite of make up artists for using as a base to add radiance. Love!
Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel Illuminating Base. Wow! I read about this recently on The Beauty Look Book. As often happens, what Sabrina loves, I love too. This is no exception. It is a gorgeous brightening primer, without silicones, and miraculously without shimmer or sparkle. When I use it, I don’t need as much powder, concealer etc, and what I do use, stays put. With a glow. LOVE. To be fair, Sabrina reviewed Chanel Base Lumiere, and I’m not sure if they are the same product. Anyone?
Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee is all that and a bag of chips. For dry or oily skin, this might be the perfect cheek stain/cream blush hybrid. It has a bouncy jelly texture, and feels like cool water going on the skin. It stays put, and it buildable, that even the uber bright neon Poppy Paradise shows as a lovely pink on the skin. LOVE.
Vasanti Monoi Magic! It is magic! I am not a fan of the scent of coconut, ever since I went through this coconut oil consuming thing last year. Now it makes me queasy, but not this beauty of a product. It has a soft sandalwood scent that tempers the sweetness of coconut. And it literally melts into the skin. I adore it and am putting it everywhere! In cooler weather, coconut oil is solid, but when you squirt in onto the skin, you can watch it melt before your eyes. For knees, elbows, any dry spots and hair, you cannot do better than this.
Marvis Jasmine Mint toothpaste is like brushing your teeth with minty jasmine petals. None of the nuclear minty mouth numbing power that one gets in traditional drugstore toothpastes. Just clean and pretty. A favourite. Often sold at chi-chi boutiques, but a friend gets hers at a traditional old school Italian barbershop in town. So there you go!
St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturizer is officially my favourite new lotion. It smells sweet and soft, and leaves your skin silky smooth. It doesn’t have any self-tanning properties, just basic moisturizing. A friend uses it, and I always wanted to try it, as St Tropez is one of my favourite self tanners. This moisturizer lives up to my expectations! It’s a little pricey at around $18 US for a large tube
Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Nude is quite simply, genius. How does it work? How does it impart a glow so perfect it is part natural blush, part sunkissed tan, and part magical glow? The glow is magical, as it appears to have shimmer in the pan, but not on the fave.  I see *some* shimmer when I use my ten times magnifying mirror, but other than that it just adds magic. I am already planning to buy a back-up of this gorgeous product in case Bobbi Brown discontinues it. Yes, expensive at $60 CAN, but Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder is The Best illuminating powder I have ever used. I love the Nude shade (for medium skin tones) but the Porcelain Pearl for fair skin looks equally wonderful.


Daly Beauty Heroes


A Holi-Daly™ Beauty Gift Guide 2013

A Holi-Daly™ Beauty Gift Guide 2013

It’s that time of year again! Presents for everyone! Here are some delicious lovely items under $100 that I would love get give to my friends. Stay tuned for more Holi-Daly Gifting goodness……Lippmann, Diptyque, Kiehls, L’Artisan Parfumeur, L’Occitane – oh my!
 A Holi-Daly Gift Guide 2013


Cutical & Hand Care For Longer Lasting Manis

Cutical & Hand Care For Longer Lasting Manis

Cuticle hand & nail care


I love doing my own manicures, and have many tools and tricks in my mani kit. Dry skin and cold weather combined with dry indoor heating is hard on our hands. Above are my favourites for lovely hands and long lasting manis right now.

Clockwise, from bottom left

Sally Hansen Polish Remover for Artificial & Sensitive Nails: For years I thought that it did not matter what polish remover I used. I just wanted one that worked, worked quickly and easily. I’ve made my own with plain old acetone and glycerin. Acetone melts polish off instantly, and glycerin keeps skin from drying out. One day the drugstore was out of acetone so I grabbed this Sally Hansen remover. It’s not super strong – I needed more of it to remove polish, and a little elbow grease. But suddenly, my nails were growing – enough that I could shape them. I love short nails but lately they’ve been peeling like crazy. Suddenly they weren’t. I ended up getting more acetone and BOOM. My nails started peeling again. So I’ve gone back to Sally Hansen for Sensitive Nails and so far, so far good – no peeling!


Cicaplast Baume B5: Amazing healing goodness, as only La Roche Posay Cicaplast can do. It heals cuts, hangnails (chapped lips and acne scars too!) so I have a tube handy all the time. If you have and love  Cicaplast, you need this too. From their website:

A triple-action complete formula:
• Optimal skin recovery
[Madecassoside] + [Copper – Zinc – Manganese]
• Soothing of dry, irritated areas
[5% Panthenol]
• Skin protection
[Rich, nourishing texture] + [Antibacterial Agents]

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover: Simply the best for the money. Why pay more when this one does the trick? Lasts forever and would likely dry up before getting used up.

Christian Dior Crème Abricot Fortifying Cream For Nails: A classic cuticle treatment that I have loved for years. The lovely retro Bakelite style Dior jar feels fancy, and it’s full of yummy apricot scented and enriched salve to enrich your cuticles and nails. It feels like an elegant ritual – also makes a great gift! We all love a little Dior on our bedside tables.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Passionate Jasmine Hand Cream: A limited edition version of the beloved Shea Butter Hand Cream, this yummy jasmine scented one is lovely and a treat for jasmine lovers! They also have Rose and Violet – get them while you can! I got mine in a little set with a jasmine lip balm – divine!

Sephora Crystal Nail File: The only kind of files that touch my nails are glass and crystal. They are gentle and last forever. A quick rinse under the tap and they’re good as new.

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil: Everyone needs a cuticle oil! I love this Essie one because it smells so good and I love the way it works. Keep it with your polishes and apply after your manicure. Apply in between manis around the nail bed, and my little winter trick is to apply it under my nails. I’m a moisturizing fiend, as you know.

Jin Soon Top Gloss: I am loving this top coat! The wise ladies at Gee Beauty in Toronto told me their clients said they had incredible wear from this line – almost like gel nails! And I have to agree. It stays super glossy and wears beautifully. I wish it was a quick dry but I still love it!

Revlon Colorstay Base Coat: I’ve been reading rave reviews of this base coat for awhile now. For around $8 at the drugstore I figured it was worth a try. Verdict? Loving it! I’m tempted to try the top coat as well, but it’s the base coat that gets the raves. Now I know why!

What are your favourite manicure tips and tricks? Share!


Daly Beauty Fall 2012 Beauty Faves…so far

Daly Beauty Fall 2012 Beauty Faves…so far

Daly Beauty Fall Favourites


Just wanted to post a quick post on my recent Fall 2012 faves. I finally took the plunge and got Clé de Peau Concealer- what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t? It is all I dreamt of and more. Applies like a dream, gives impeccable coverage and lasts all day without caking or wearing. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? When I look at my pile of concealers that have not lived up to their promises, I’d say yes. Plus a little goes a long way so the CPU (Cost Per Use) numbers make sense as well. I got a chance to try the Becca Beach Tint cheek colour while perusing the lovely beauty offerings at Portofino Tanning in Beverly Hills while my girlfriend got a spray tan. FYI- best and most natural spray tan I have ever seen, by the way. Wow. Anyways, the gorgeous girls at the salon recommended this blush gel, and I LOVE it. Grapefruit is the perfect pinky coral tone for medium skin tone blondes, and it looks GORGEOUS on the lips too. I layer the Sara Happ Lip Slip on top. Ok- how did I not know about this product? Soft, cushy kissable lips that look full and gorgeous, with no plumping ingredients or actions? Wow. It’s the perfect pink lip balm/gloss. Not too sticky and with the perfect amount of sheen. I grabbed the California Tan bronzing powder as well. It is the *perfect* tan shade for my face without adding shimmer or a too baked look. A new staple in my make up collection. I’ve waxed poetically about Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy and Suspicious here…

Skincare for fall is important. Our skin is adjusting to changing temperatures and moisture/humidity levels, and is recovering from sun and wind. Even a judicious applier of sunscreen (like me!) needs to treat our skin kindly after summer. My skin is soaking up every drop of  Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, creating a perfect base for my standard Vichy PROeven during the day, and my NeoStrata Level 3 Lotion is exfoliating all the dry dead skin cells left over from summer while keeping my pores squeaky clean at night. A simple glycolic acid exfoliator, the NeoStrata also reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. Ok- Rodin Olio Lusso- can we talk? This stuff is divine and more importantly, it works, despite my concerns that it was all hype. I am using the face oil at night on my neck and wake up with moist dewy skin. It is a thick rich oil that leaves only the most lovely skin behind. I bought a perfect little Rodin travel set at Gee Beauty in Toronto and have a large sized bottle of the Rodin Olio Lusso in my future.

I grabbed a little bottle of Malin & Goetz Synthesized Musk and am seriously in love with this subtle and soft skin scent. It is similar to Kiehl’s Musk, but softer and a bit soapier or cleaner. It stays very close to the skin, and adds a sexy delicious sweetness to any perfume you might want to layer with it. The 30 ml bottle is perfect for the purse, and I love the clean white design of the Malin & Goetz line.

What are your fall faves…so far?

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