TFK Son Of A Rose – Rose Velvet

TFK Son Of A Rose – Rose Velvet

fist and the rose

From the TFK website:

TFK, The Fragrance Kitchen, is the latest chapter in the ongoing retail legend that began in 2005 by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah. The Kuwaiti based fragrance house was borne of childhood memories and sensory memories that became associated with his beloved grandmother. Fragrance can be a translation of memories and Sheikh Majed has skillfully combined both via the use of Oud, Taif Rose, and burning Agarwood which were used frequently by his cherished grandmother. TFK is the culmination of a dream to create the “perfect” or dream perfume for each individual. Sheikh Majed has long been associated with the ultimate in luxury having been a member of the international fashion community for over 2 decades.

TFK perfume Son of A Rose Daly Beauty

TFK is a serious perfume line with a sense of humour. One only has to read the names of some of their perfumes to get that they are having fun and being a bit cheeky. Perfume is, after all, enjoyable, and doesn’t have to be so serious and dramatic. I would think this comes from a love of the joy of scent, and this is evident in smelling TFK perfumes. Their website is interesting & interactive, and I really like the way they introduce their “icons” that are behind the brand. Their blog is also fun, and I have to say seeing Jonathan Livingston Seagull mentioned there just made me, well, happy. This is an interesting and intriguing team. I received samples of 3 of their perfumes and could catch wafts of something intoxicating and enticing from the packaging. I left them on the counter, where both daughters chose their favourites. There is nothing wishy washy or middle of the road about TFK perfumes. They have a presence of their own, without being super strong or “loud”. I would suspect this presence comes from the quality of the ingredients.

black rose with dew

Son Of A Rose is, obviously, a rose fragrance, part of TFK’s Exclusive Perfumes collection. I’m not sure if they use the word “son” to denote a masculine fragrance, but I would say this perfume is absolutely suitable for a man or a woman. The rich woodsy base takes the floral sweetness of the rose and makes it deep and rich. Agarwood (oud) isn’t listed in the notes of Son Of A Rose per se but it is mentioned as a note that is beloved by Sheikh Majed Al-Sabah and is part of his scent memory so I think it must be part of the TFK special base. The beauty of this particular oud is the gentle smooth beauty of it. I have a tough time with oud smelling medicinal and have not really enjoyed it- Montale’s oud scents come to mind. Yikes. Any oud in TFK Son of A Rose is tempered with the sweetness of the floral notes. There is geranium along with the rose, and that adds a fresh green almost minty aspect. The rose is a soft green rose note, not strong or sour at all, and it is complimented by a powdery note – and all of these add up to a rich scent that is somehow also clean. But it is kept from veering into soapy territory by wrapping up the floral notes with pepper, amber and woods. Is it the amber that makes this scent so compelling? Maybe? Rose – patchouli scents are everywhere these days and there may be some patch in Son of A Rose but it doesn’t stand out. I think what sets this “dark rose” perfume apart are the powder and amber notes, and the distant clean “feeling”. Maybe it’s an ambergris, likely synthetic but who knows? It’s almost moutwatering, and I have found that certain ambregris perfumes tend to have this effect on me. If you enjoy the sexy amber notes in Hermes Eau de Merveilles or even the softer ones in Hermes Caleche Eau Delicat, then you must try Son of  A Rose.

I’d say that Son of A Rose is probably the best rose that I’ve tried that would work beautifully on a man. And while it is a dense rich scent, there is an airy and delicate feeling to it that makes me want to lean in and smell more. So, are you looking for something different? A perfume that is gorgeous, well composed and enticing, yet something that isn’t worn by everyone around you? I urge you to check out the TFK line.

TFK perfumes are available from their website. The Signature Line is around $125 a bottle, and the  Exclusive and Handmade Line is around $195.

Sometimes A Rose Is Just A Rose – Comme de Garçons Rose Eau de Toilette

Sometimes A Rose Is Just A Rose – Comme de Garçons Rose Eau de Toilette

Comme de Garçons has some lovely simple and beautiful perfumes. They also have some intense & exotic perfumes, so it’s safe to say they have a perfume for everyone. If you read the blog regularly you know I love rose- the scent of rose, using rosewater, scenting my home with rose….

I can’t go on and on and wax rhapsodic about Comme de Garçons Series 2: Rose eau de toilette. It simply smells like roses. It has some fruity berry notes to sweeten the rose, which is perfect. Rose soliflore scents can tend to smell sour, or lately they are laden down with patchouli and called “dark roses”. These include Stella McCartney Stella, Cabochard Cabaret, L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses, Juliet has a Gun  Lady Vengeance, Fresh Cannabis Rose…the list is almost endless. Its a nice scent combo but I’m a bit bored of it, and if I want extra stuff with my roses I am happy to layer it myself. So Comme de Garçons Rose is a perfect simple rose perfume for me. One of my favourite ways to wear it is with Kiehl’s Musk – oh la la now THAT is a sexy rose. Or, I can amp up the rose notes in a perfume like Ungaro Diva. It is sublime with tea scents as well.

Joe Massie designed dress using almost 2000 red roses….

So there you have it. A rose perfume that is simply, a rose perfume.

I got my Comme de Garcons Rose perfume at Barney’s in Los Angeles….

The Perfect Perfume For A Bond Girl – Amouage Gold Woman

The Perfect Perfume For A Bond Girl – Amouage Gold Woman

Amouage perfumes are among the more luxurious and special perfumes in the world. They are full of rare and beautiful ingredients that smell divine, they are encased in beautiful jewel-like bottles, and they cost a small fortune. The cost is not really a deterrent. I have found that if someone really really really loves a perfume, and how that perfume makes them feel, they will pay. The other thing is simply that the luxury market is simply that – luxury. I am overwhelmed by most of the Amouage perfumes. They are dense, rich and often heavy, and are a little more than I want in my perfume. Yet, there are a few that linger in my scent memory every time I try them, and the ghost of the divine scent haunts me. It whispers “Jane….you need an Amouage perfume….remember how that bottle felt in your hands? Remember that hypnotic scent?”

Amouage Gold Woman is a stunning and ethereal perfume. It is rich and complex, but also airy and ethereal. It has the elegance of the aldehydic florals of the 70s to my mind, even though it was created in 1983, and doesn’t actually have strong aldehydic notes at all.  The perfumer is the same man who created Hermes Caleche, and I would say there is a relation to Caleche, in the cool, elegant, effortless way it smells like “old money” and grace. It is softer than Caleche, and less stringent and dated. At least on my skin. I remember years ago telling my perfume mentor aunt that I liked Caleche. She tole me I was far too young to think about wearing it, and perhaps that has coloured my impressions of Hermes Caleche, although I do respect it’s beauty. It’s very Grace Kelley, but not very “me”. Amouage Gold also has a cool modern rosy feel to it that was making me think of Paco Rabanne Calandre. Close but…not exactly right. Amazing that something so airy, so modernist yet classic at the same time, was lurking in that baroque golden bottle. On my skin it wears close to the body, and warms up with some of the most beautiful and quiet progression of notes I’ve ever experienced. I’ve read so many reviews that call it “big” and a “sillage monster”. I don’t get that- at all. It’s understated and gorgeous elegance on me. The frankincense note that develops actually purrs on the skin.

Still, something else was nagging me as I enjoyed the gorgeous transition of notes Amouage Gold Woman was going though on my skin. Elegant….green…I could smell rose, and a slight hint of a clean lily of the valley note. The mixture of sandalwood and resinous amber in the dry down is like a gentle kiss. You can barely detect it and crave more, but even the gentle notes you can smell are full of sensual beauty. It smells timeless, and I swear I smell oakmoss in there even though it isn’t listed. But, the woodsy mossy and at the same time, soapy rose is what stands out. Like, a gorgeous, expensive and rare rose soap. The nagging comparison that was lurking deep in my scent memory finally came out last night. I think it took so long because it’s been so long since I’d smelled it. What is it, you ask? Why, it’s the original vintage formulation of Yves St Laurent Rive Gauche.

I loved it dearly and was deeply saddened when YSL changed it to the unrecognizable perfume Rive Gauche is today. It’s nothing like the original, and I mourned the loss of what was possibly my favourite rose perfume ever. So take the cool Hitchcock blonde feel of a Grace Kelly type, but then mix it up with the effortless sexiness of Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin. Touchable hair that looks like you may have just tumbled out of bed, vs tied up in a silk Hermes scarf. I’ve never been that proper.

So, is exactly the same? No, and it seems to have almost half the number of listed notes, but it captures everything I loved about YSL Rive Gauche, including the elegant je ne sais quoi that only the finest French perfumes convey. Verdict? Love, of course. Thank you to my dear friend who gifted me with this beauty. I will treasure it.

Amouage Gold Woman is available from their website, and from various retailers. Check here to find one near you.