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I’m in love with Tata Harper skincare. From the gorgeous bright green glass bottles and jars, to the magical elixir within, Tata Harper makes my skin happy. Tata Harper has taken organic and natural beauty and skincare, along with her…

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Eminence Organics, Sangre de Fruta, Elabloom

My Favourite Gentle, Clean & Green Body Moisturizers

I’m a moisturizer fanatic and testing out the various body lotions, potions, creams and oils that come to DALY BEAUTY is one of my favourite things. I noticed that recently my favourites fall into the clean, natural, green, and/or organic…

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Bioderma Atoderm Levres review dalybeauty

Soothe Your Skin: Bioderma Atoderm For Lips & Body

NEWS FLASH: I am a moisturizing fanatic. Honestly, if you could see my house….I have hand creams, body creams and lip balms everywhere. On every end table, in every “catch all” basket (ps I have a lot of these too….

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Nourish Your Skin & Your Well Being With Decleor Aroma Nutrition

I’m obsessed with skincare – I admit it. The more oils, lotions, creams and potions I can put on my skin, the happier I am. Combine my love of skincare with my love of perfume and I’m one happy camper….

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Body Lotion Lovin’ … Vichy, Say Yes To Coconut, Nip+Fab & DermaE

I suppose if I had one skincare mantra it would be “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize”. Well, that and “always wash your face before bedtime”. And “exfoliate”. But seriously, moisturize. My bedside table and bathroom counter are practically collapsing under the weight…

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Moroccan Oil Body Butter And Intense Hydrating Treatment – Dry Skin Transformers

I recently got my hot little hands on the latest Moroccan Oil body products that are causing a sensation. The Moroccan Oil Body Butter, which is a super rich body cream that really has the texture of actual butter, and…

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Protect & Treat Your Body: L’Occitane Almond & Shea Butter After The Bath/Shower

I just adore the L’Occitane line of products. I’ve yet to find something they make that I don’t love. Not just like, but love. Almost everyone I know has a L’Occitane hand cream kicking around somewhere – they just “get”…

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Gorgeous Gams With Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub + Burt’s Bees Radiance Lotion

I believe one can never have too many body moisturizers. Oh, sure, I have my favourites, but those are fluid and change, along with all my beauty stuffs. I often find my New Favourite ________ that displaces the previous one….

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Is That Honey In Your Skincare? How Sweet!

I love honey! I love honey in my body products, as in that gorgeous French line, Nuxe, and I love the moisturizing benefits they offer our skin. There is also a delicate smell that is calming and soothing. I also…

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Soft Skin That Smells Like Roses- Lancôme Accord 3 Roses Lait Corps Fraîcheur

It was only a matter of time before I caved and spent $45 on the rose body milk Lancôme released this past summer, Lancôme Accord 3 Roses Lait Corps Fraîcheur. I’ve tried it a few times, told myself I didn’t need it…

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