Perfume And Sound: Geza Schoen & Unsound’s Ephemera

Sometimes perfumes smell good or bad. Sometimes they smell incredible, and sometimes they smell meh. There is the odd perfume that reaches into our brains, memories and maybe even our DNA, and these perfumes evoke a visceral and emotional reaction….

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Scenting the Strong & Beautiful Women of Mad Max Fury Road: Lucy B Apothecary Perfumes

Recently, I’ve been sampling some fragrances sent to me by the UK celebrity makeup artist turned perfumer, Lucy Baldock-Sacchi. Lucy spent 12 years living in Australia, where she fell in love with the natural resources, healing atmosphere, the people and unpolluted…

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Give the Gift of Manly Grooming

Father’s Day is coming, and what better way to treat Dear Old Dad than with some primo grooming? Vintage is a buzzword used in everything today, including fashion, beauty, and even home decor. The vintage beauty and skincare trend has never…

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Creed Virgin Island Water Is A Sexy And Perfectly Beachy Perfume

Virgin Island Water is a gorgeous unisex scent from Creed that somehow manages to feel modern and classic at the same time. The citrus notes feel fresh and “eau de cologne” like but make no mistake, this is no watery…

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Fragrance for Men That Hate Cologne

I suppose I could just compile a list of colognes that you could simply go get for the dad in your life, but that would be boring and likely leave that dad with something he won’t use. Especially if he…

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