Reveal Your Natural Glow Part 1: Hourlgass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Palette

It’s hard to keep that summer glow going all year long. And sporting too much of a spray tan in the winter looks, well, off somehow. The goal is not always to look tan, but to look healthy and radiant…

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Put Oil On My Face? Am I Crazy? Short Answer: No.

I suppose unless one has very dry skin, it might seem counterintuitive to put oil on our faces. But when they are pure and natural, they are actually the fastest way to deliver essential moisture and nutrients to our skin….

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Hydraluron Serum Works Moisturizing Miracles

Ok why did it take me so long to try this stuff? Hydraluron, made by Indeed Labs, is a gel-serum designed to boost the performance of any moisturizer. It is to be used under your creams/lotions/serums and is basically full…

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New Addiction: My Dermaglow BB Eye Illuminator

I am a fan of Dermaglow skincare, and their Lip Plumping balm is a staple in my make up arsenal. I got the chance to try their new Dermaglow BB Eye Illuminator- available at drugstores in Canada. It’s not listed…

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Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream Improves & Protects Your Skin

Or, in which I am not surprised that I am blown away by another Vichy product. I am a Vichy ProEVEN fan, and use it every day, as do both of my daughters. Since I’ve been using Vichy ProEVEN, I’ve…

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Soft Skin That Smells Like Roses- Lancôme Accord 3 Roses Lait Corps Fraîcheur

It was only a matter of time before I caved and spent $45 on the rose body milk Lancôme released this past summer, Lancôme Accord 3 Roses Lait Corps Fraîcheur. I’ve tried it a few times, told myself I didn’t need it…

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Notes on the Beautiful Shu Uemura Under Base Mousse

There has been a formula change in my favourite skin primer and I am quite happy about it. Shu Uemura Under Base is a mousse formula skin primer that is the sheerest beige ever- almost invisible on skin but it…

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