Reveal Your Natural Glow Part 1: Hourlgass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Palette

It’s hard to keep that summer glow going all year long. And sporting too much of a spray tan in the winter looks, well, off somehow. The goal is not always to look tan, but to look healthy and radiant – to “glow”, if you will. I love my bronzers, and always will. Although I do like to go to a lighter bronzer during the less sunny months, as I like my face to be a similar shade to my body.

Hourglass Ambient Light Palette

from left: Dim, Incandescent, Radiant
from left: Dim, Incandescent, Radiant

Hourglass created a  glowing highlighter-bronzer hybrid with their Ambient Lighting Powder. It hit the beauty world by storm last year and I adore it. My super fair daughter who never uses bronzer because they make her face look dirty also loves the Hourglass Ambient Light in Radiant, as it really makes you look glowing from within. Fair skinned folks that don’t think you can wear bronzers – check out Hourglass. The only complaint I had about the Ambient Lighting Powder was every colour was so beautiful, I wanted them all. Or at least a few! Well, they solved that problem with their amazing Ambient Lighting Palette! Genius! This is the perfect solution if you could not decide with ones to get, and the shades in this set are so perfect. The palette includes Dim Light – a soft blushy bronzey shade, Incandescent Light – a glowy highlighter shade and Radiant light. You can use all three – highlight, glow and contour – if you are feeling adventurous. They are very sheer and buildable, so they are almost foolproof. Perfect for someone who is a make up minimalist, like me.   Or change your glow to suit your mood or occasion.

from bottom: Dim, Incandescent, Radiant

Hourglass Cosmetics are high quality gorgeous products, with super finely milled powder that just sits perfectly on the skin. Bonus- this set comes with a mini of their cult Mineral Veil Primer! It’s $58 and available at Sephora and on the Hourglass website. Get it while it lasts! It would also make a perfect gift, and it is a terrific value.

Stay tuned for How To Reveal Your Natural Glow Part 2: Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

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