Amazing Facial Scrub & Mask: Live Clean Fresh Face

Amazing Facial Scrub & Mask: Live Clean Fresh Face

A few things that I find that really help to keep my oily *cough* aging *cough* skin look fresh, clear and smooth are deep cleansing clay masks and scrubs. I don’t over-use either, as my sensitive skin rebels and freaks out if I use products that are too harsh, or if I use them too often. But weekly or bi-weekly,  I like to do a scrub and mask. Not on the same day, and usually a few days apart, as I don’t want to shock my skin. Tip: do scrub, then a day or two later, do the mask. The mask can work better on skin that isn’t clogged with dead skin cells.
The facial line of products from Live Clean, Fresh Face, has some very worthwhile products to try, at their fabulous reasonable prices. From their site: “Live Clean Fresh Face promises exceptional performance with a minimum of 98% plant-based ingredients. Infused with a combination of Orchid – the eternal youth flower, anti-oxidant Vitamin C and Certified Organic Botanicals”. Based around the brightening and tone improving power of Vitamin C, these are definitely worth trying.
My latest fave scrub is from Live Clean’s Fresh Face line, their Smoothing Facial Scrub. It uses natural grains of finely ground Corn Cob to remove dead skin cells and vitamin C to brighten and add radiance. Lovely soothing stuff like aloe, chamomile, buckthorn, and cucumber calm the lovely fresh skin that is left behind after sloughing off the dead dry and dull skin on the surface. I use it once a week at the most, and find it makes a big difference in helping my skin absorb other treatments like moisturizer, and also lets make up sit better on the smoother surface. A tiny bit goes a long way as well. I use a drop or two on my lips to get rid of dry dead skin, and along my bikini line to help exfoliate and avoid ingrowns. Knowing how gentle and pure Fresh Face Smoothing Facial Scrub is makes me feel better about using it in delicate areas.
I love using a clay mask to deep clean pores and to brighten my skin. Makes my skin feel like I’ve had a facial and feeling squeaky clean. Especially if I’ve been wearing more make up than usual, sweating a lot, or driving around with the top down in the air with goodness knows what all flying around. Live Clean Fresh Face Deep Cleansing Clay Masque is the perfect solution for that. It only takes around 15 minutes max for this mask to do it’s work. Formulated with natural Kaolin,  it deep cleans to remove impurities, absorbs excess surface oil while calming the skin. Like the Fresh Face Scrub,  the Clay Masque also has brightening Vitamin C, and aloe, chamomile, buckthorn and cucumber to calm and sooth skin as well, so all that is left behind is a glow.

Fresh Face Facial Scrub is $19.99 and the Deep Cleansing Clay Mask is $14.99. In Canada, Live Clean is sold at drugstores and Walmart. At this time, only the Live Clean Baby line is available in the United States, although sells the entire Live Clean line including Fresh Face, and they ship to the US.

Random Beautiful Thoughts

Random Beautiful Thoughts

Music: Lana del Rey is on my playlist lately. Ever since my daughter did the Born To Die Lana Del Rey mani last year, we’ve been loving Lana over here. This song, Summer Sadness, works for me right now especially. As August looms ahead, cosmetic companies are starting to put out Fall 2012 collections. I can smell the change in the air, especially at night. And I can see the difference in the light and sun during the day…..summertime sadness, indeed.

TV Marathon: I decided since I haven’t started my new book yet (Gone Girl) I’d share my new series obsesh. PBS Sherlock! There is something so exciting about a marathon showing of something so fabulous. It happened already with Downton Abbey – and that was wonderful. I bought the first season of Sherlock, watched the first episode and am hooked. I was on the edge of my seat til the end, love the twists and the complex damaged characters. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are just terrific.


Sherlock and Watson….
Food: It has been soooo hot this summer (yay!) that cool fresh snack types of food have been on my menu. BBQ of course, delicious sushi and guacamole. I adore guac so much, those creamy avocados are so delicious, and also great for your skin and brain. Good fat! However most corn chips are very salty and caloric so you are almost eating chips and dip (as good as that is….). So my awesome girlfriend turned me on to Sea Salt ChipIns, basically chips made out of popcorn. They are delicious, and its just like eating popcorn without getting anything stuck in your teeth. And, they are gluten free, if that is important to you. And combined with guac? So. Yummy.
Fashion: Maxi dresses, bikinis and flowy silky shorts with platforms. But, mostly maxi dresses, my favourites being the spaghetti strap tanks in stripes and solids from American Apparel. I have a few and plan on getting another one because I love them sooo much. It’s basically like walking around in a nightie. Win.
Skincare: Body oils! Summertime is the time to show dewy toned skin and I am addicted to delicious skin oils that sink in, leaving delicately scented and soft skin behind. Bonus- you can use them in your hair as well. This month, it’s been Lierac Huile Sensorielle 3 Fleurs. Wow. Smells like sweet jasmine petals.


Make Up: St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse. The ONLY self tanner to own. A teeny weeny blob of this mousse on my face makes me “look” like I’ve spent the day in the sun. Exfoliate and then moisturize your body, and add a little bit of mousse after the moisturizer has sunk in, and you are just back from beach. Safely. Tips for after application: wash your hands, use a damp cloth to wipe off your eyebrows (important!), upper lip, hair line, knees and elbows. You’re welcome.
Perfume: This has been the summer of jasmine and orange blossom for me. My latest delicate fave is Le Labo Jasmine 17, in the “balm” formulation. Le Labo is a cool line of perfumes that are like a store within a store, and the sales associate actually custom pours your bottle for you, also giving your bottle a personalized label. Cool. The “17” at the end of the name means that while jasmine is the predominant note in this perfume, there are 17 other notes complimenting it. This is most likely advertising mumbo-jumbo, and Le Labo Jasmine 17 smells more like orange blossom and neroli than jasmine to me. But it smells amazing, delicate and gorgeous, and the curious gel-like balm formula is like a concentrate that wears very close to the skin. Perfect.
What are you loving this summer? Books? Movie? TV? Spill!
Chanel Jersey Makes Lavender Perfume Sexy

Chanel Jersey Makes Lavender Perfume Sexy


Chanel’s lastest offering in their Exclusive line is the lavender based Jersey. It was released to mixed reviews, but, luckily I know I have to judge things for myself so I still really wanted to check it out, given my mad love for Chanel perfumes. Chanel Jersey is named after the ubiquitous fabric Chanel took from menswear and make accessible for women, and the perfume Jersey takes the scent lavender, almost always used in men’s colognes, and adds a feminine touch. Chanel’s website says Jersey is meant to be evocative of a meadow lush with lavender. Well, doesn’t that sound beautiful! The notes are given as lavender, vanilla and musk. I think I detect a powdery iris in there somewhere, and perhaps a warm wood in the base, but that could be tonka. By “think I detect” I mean that this scent is so soft & delicate, no one note jumps out at you.

Lavender fields in Provence, France

On first sniff I thought “pretty!”. Then, as it dried down I thought “too sweet!” then “too powdery”! I thought why would I buy Chanel for a simple powdery lavender scent? But, as is often my wont, I had a turnaround. I have been know to hate a perfume on first sniff, only to later love it more than anything. So I never really say never with regards to perfume. Hours after applying the Jersey, the scent left behind was a delicate, warm, cuddly and cozy skin scent. It had a little something of the Guerlain warmth that I love so much in it, that warm skin smell that is very hard to describe without actually smelling it. So I thought, well, I will re-test and see what I think on subsequent wearings.

Lavender honey ice cream

Well, turns out I like it. It is pretty, soft and clean smelling. There is a snuggly aspect that works even in warmer weather, likely due to the cooling & calming lavender notes. The musk/tonka combination adds a sweetness to the dry down that is sweet & enticing on the skin. It has a lovely spa effect, which I suppose one might expect from lavender. If you like soft elegant perfumes and you like lavender, I recommend you add Chanel Jersey to your sniff list. Verdict? Love.

EDITED March 9, 2013: bought it. After wearing my samples down to the last drops, I knew I had to have it. The sweet vanilla musk in the base of Chanel Jersey is actually the sexiest skin scent evah. Sigh.

Chanel Jersey is an Exclusive perfume, available at Chanel Boutiques and their website.

Clinique Stay-Matte Hydrator Can Take The Heat

Clinique Stay-Matte Hydrator Can Take The Heat


Wow. That was my reaction after an afternoon running around in the super heat we are having after using Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator. I have been using it in conjunction with my Skinceuticals & Vichy regime and am in love. I use it more like a primer than a simple moisturizer. After applying my serums, eye cream etc, I give them a few minutes to soak in. Then, before using my powder and concealer, I apply the Clinique Stay Matte Hydrator. Wow.

I’ve been meaning to try the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, which seems to be the ultimate primer for oily skinned folks. Somehow Clinique Stay-Matte made it into the collection first, perhaps due in part to the raves I read on Future Derm (I really trust her skincare opinions). But she also loves the Hourglass…so next time. Clinique Stay-Matte Hydrator does what it promises, delivering matte skin and keeping pores and oil at bay. It’s full of good stuff that controls surface shine and helps control sebum production, as well as some amino sugar skin exfoliating technology that helps keep pores clear of dead surface skin cells, helping them appear smaller and tighter.

Matte skin means less touch-ups….

It dries to a silky texture without the slippery texture of silicone primers (which I hate, they just feel greasy to me) and allow for smooth application of cosmetics. I really just use concealer, powder and bronzer, but I find Clinique Stay-Matte keeps my face looking fresh and non-melty all afternoon. I’d say I get around 4 hours of good looking skin vs 2 max without it. Then, all I need is a quick dusting of oil control powder (review on 2 excellent ones coming…) and I’m good to go.

Verdict? Love.

Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator is $43 and available wherever Clinique is sold.  

Bobbi Brown Bath Perfume – Good Clean Fun

Bobbi Brown Bath Perfume – Good Clean Fun

I’m nothing if not a woman of broad tastes. I can appreciate vintage Guerlain Aprés L’Ondee parfum, swoon over it’s heartbreaking beauty while weeping over it’s unavailability while I watch bottles as rare as gems sell for many thousands on ebay. But, I am not a perfume snob, and I can appreciate something that makes my skin smell lovely, no matter what the price tag says. Which is both a good and a bad thing….

One of my favourite, easy, cheap and cheerful perfume is Bobbi Brown’s Bath. It is meant to evoke that squeaky clean feeling one has after the bath- obviously- and does a good of it. It’s chock full of soapy and wonderful orange blossom and neroli that blooms on the skin, with a gentle note of water hyacinth that adds a watery aspect. It is uncomplicated, like a simple cologne, and as easy to wear as a white t shirt. It is definitely a soapy perfume, and an unapologetic one at that. I would say this is pretty much Ivory soap, and I have always loved the scent of Ivory. Wet and warm freshly scrubbed skin, good clean fun…

This perfume is particularly lovely in extreme heat, as you have that just jumped out of the bath (or shower) feeling. And for a soapy cologne scent that does not cost the moon, I get amazing longevity from Bobbi Brown Bath- maybe 3-4 hours, even in the heat. It is perfect for daytime, and also lovely for a night out, maybe on a patio with a nice cool drink. This sweet little perfume has garnered me so many compliments when I wear it, one wonders if we really might be over thinking our perfumes. I’ve been stopped by strangers asking me what perfume I’m wearing. It makes me think of a line from one of my favourite movies, Amadeus, when Emperor Joseph II tells Mozart that his music “is quality work….there are simply too many notes”. 

I got mine at Murale  (it is available on their website) in Canada, and I have seen at the Bobbi Brown cosmetic counter recently as well. But I see that it is no longer on her website, and is “unavailable” on the Nordstrom site. Hm. Maybe it’s going to be discontinued? For the bargain $48 I paid, I may go buy another bottle as back up.

Beachy Waves Video Tutorial!

Beachy Waves Video Tutorial!


Well, you asked for it, and you got it! I did a video tutorial for the beachy waves I posted here. Please excuse the editing- my editor, also known as my 16 year old daughter, is away at summer camp. Seriously- don’t laugh. I hope the video is helpful, but please feel free to ask me about anything that is not clear, or that I may have missed. Happy styling!


Note the hair is much less “big”…
Back view

It is super easy, just don’t over style, over do or over think it, and you will be awesome. Above are some photos taken the day after the video, after sleeping on the waves, to show that the volume tones down.


The products I used in this tutorial are linked below:

Daly Beauty is a Huffington Post Canadian Beauty Insider!

Huffington Post listed the top Canadian Beauty Insiders and I am so thrilled that Daly Beauty made the list! Thank you, Huffington Post! Very cool. And, I am honoured to be included with beauty insiders I respect and love, and who inspire me. Yay!
The Best $15 I’ve Spent: Nuxe Skincare Delights Travel Set

The Best $15 I’ve Spent: Nuxe Skincare Delights Travel Set

Going on holiday? You need this! I was wandering the aisles of the mothership, I mean the drugstore, the other day, looking for some mini sized product faves to take on an upcoming trip out west. I just happened to spy this darling little kit of Nuxe delights in wee travel sizes for $15. I had heard a bit of chatter on Twitter about this little kit so obviously I grabbed it right away.

It has a mini bottle of Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse, which is one of my favourite skincare products of all time. It makes my skin silky, touchable and smell like honeyed jasmine. I can now take it with my when I travel with only a carry on, and will use my full sized bottles to refill the wee one. There were also some products I had not tried before.

Rêve de Miel Rich Cleansing Gel for Face & Body: I took this for a test drive today in the shower. It may well be the yummiest honey scented product I have ever used. Besides the beautiful and amazing scent, it had a mild gentle lather, and left my skin feeling soft & clean. Definitely getting more of this.

Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream: Again- the scent of this honey product is so lovely. Delicate and lightly sweet, it feels rich and emollient yet not greasy at all. Nuxe says it will soften cuticles and strengthen nails, so here’s hoping. No wonder this is a best seller. I’d buy this simply because it smells and feels amazing. Full size of this in my future.

Créme Prodigieuse: This is a matte effect cream for normal to oily skin, and is recommended for day time use. I haven’t tried this yet, but it is an “anti-stress” product that sounds pretty good to me. I am super picky about what I put on my face, so I will likely use this on my decolletage, to avoid any breakout risks.

Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals: Well, they had me at rose petals. I used this last night and LOVE it. I used a little water with my Cetaphil to remove my make up and sunscreen, then used this to remove anything left behind. It left my skin dewy and radiant, and almost “plumped”. I swear I could use “rose everything” on my skin. Full size of this in my future for sure.

Perhaps there is a promotion going on now? I’d say check your local drugstores and pharmacies, or wherever Nuxe is sold near you. Maybe you will find one too!




Summer Must-Have: Clinique Even Better Hand Cream SPF 15


Summer is the best time of the year, as far as I’m concerned. I spend as much time outside as I possibly can, drive with the top down when it’s not raining (so, like all summer so far….) and love to spend time in and on the water. Obviously, sunscreen is an important part of my skincare regime. I always put sunscreen on my hands, but honestly find most too thick, too greasy or too sticky to be comfortable. Especially when driving.
Clinique Even Better SPF 15 is the perfect solution to the sunscreen on the hands dilemma. It has the tone correcting benefits of Vitamin C that is in their Even Better line, which means it will help reduce the appearance of spots and sun damage. It also has SPF to help prevent future discolouration. Some salicylic acid helps exfoliate dead skin cells keeping a smooth and even appearance. Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture, and broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen protection prevent the future formation of age spots.
It has a lovely rich texture that sinks right in, and a very soft fragrance. I’d call it beachy citrus, if I had to categorize it, but again, it is very soft. It is thick, but seems to melt upon application, while leaving softly moisturized skin behind. It isn’t greasy at all, and adds a lovely glow to the skin. I’ve also noticed my cuticles seem to the love it. Clinique Even Better Hand Cream lasts for hours and allegedly through 2 hand washings! I have not put it to that test yet, but it does very well through one hand washing! And, watering the garden. Knowing that most people can accurately tell a person’s age by viewing only their hands, I plan on looking after mine!

Clinique Even Better Hand Cream is available for around $35 at Clinique counters.

Get These Beach Waves! Plus, A Bit Of Polish

Get These Beach Waves! Plus, A Bit Of Polish

There are really only a few secrets to getting the perfect waves. The first bit of advice I have is to do as little as possible to your hair after washing. The more you touch it, brush it and fuss with it, the frizzier it gets. As you mess around with your hair, you rough up the cuticle and allow the hair to start to pouffe out. The first secret to beachy waves is to keep your hair defined and separated – this is what happens if you swim in the ocean. Think about it: the salt makes your hair stick together so it dries in chunky sections, you don’t really brush your hair at the beach so you aren’t frizzing it out, and any natural wave you might have is encouraged by the lack of styling. Now, that might be a cute look for the beach, but it is actually kind of messy, and to be honest, salt water is extremely drying for your hair. Tip: cover your hair in a deep conditioning mask before going to the beach. The heat from the sun will help it sink it, and it will protect your hair somewhat from the salt.

So, you are at home, and want beachy waves. If you have long-ish hair, ideally, you should wash your hair in the evening, let it air dry, and, yes, sleep on it. Do NOT leave it in a towel for a long time, as again, you are encouraging frizz. If you have a nice big old cotton t shirt around, wrap your hair in that when you step out of the shower. You will be amazed at the difference a smooth textured wrap has on your hair vs. a rough towel. Plus, you don’t want it drying out too quickly- again, frizz.

When you take it out of your wrap, use some leave in conditioner. Either a spray in one of your choice ( I love I.C.O.N. Cure) or, and this is something I do all the time, use a small dollop of your favourite conditioner on the ends of your hair. Next you need a wide tooth comb. Gently part your hair, and comb the product through once. Then, add your styling cream. I always prefer a cream, as it keeps hair soft and touchable, is never crispy or crunchy (ew) and if it can hold the weight of my hair, it can hold nay hair. I.C.O.N. Mesh is my favourite- it smells like sweet and woodsy, and holds my hair perfectly, Using your wide tooth comb, gently pull it through to distribute the cream. Do NOT overbrush. A wide tooth comb is a must have.

I then do some twisting. I separate my hair into a bunch of small sections (bigger than the width of my thumb) and twist them away from my face. Sounds complicated but really just takes a couple of minutes. Then, I gently (again, stressing the word GENTLE to avoid frizz) “scrunch” my hair. I grab a handful, at the ends, and push it upwards and squeeze to coax out the waves. Then, leave it be until it is dry.

You can stop right here, and enjoy the soft gentle beach waves that are kind of carefree and casual.  I  gently comb it  and add a bit more styling cream when it is dry. That is basically what I do every time I wash my hair. I think a blowdryer touches my hair 3 or 4 times a year, max. I’m simply too lazy. Refresh your waves with a few spritzes of water if you need some more waves, or, as, I did in the above photo, bust out the curling iron. I take around 5 or 6 sections on the crown and curl them with the iron. It adds some volume and polish. Beach waves alone are lovely, but can look a wee bit messy and casual. If you want to glam it up a bit, with minimal effort, take the iron, grab sections on the very top of your hair, including the bangs area, and curl them away from the face. Let them cool, then using a wide tooth comb, gently comb them out and they will blend in perfectly with your naturally coaxed waves. Ta-da!

I use the Tigi Curl Stick and love it so much, I would never go back to a regular curling iron. It seems daunting, but once you get the hang of it, its amazing. It gets super hot, and needs like 5-7 seconds per section on full heat. I did my daughter’s entire head in less than 10 minutes, and it usually takes her over 30 minutes with a regular curling iron. It is this:


The key here, if you haven’t already noticed, is doing as little as possible to the hair. Trust me when I say I am lazy, and this look is easy and quick. I seriously can do this and go days and days without doing anything except a light combing to the hair. As long as you have Batiste dry shampoo, your style will actually look even better the next day.  Hair needs to be a bit “dirty” (not the ideal word but…) to look wavy and section-y, as it needs texture. If it is too silky and clean, it will just fall flat. And can we all agree flat ironed hair that is dead straight just doesn’t look good on anyone? Unless you were born with it, hair without even a hint of natural motion and wave looks dead. Stop it. Embrace your natural hair.


Thinking of doing a video tutorial on this style if there is demand. Let me know if you would like to see this!