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December 2012


Top Ten Beauty Winners For 2012

Wow – is it already almost 2013? Funny, I don’t feel a year older….It’s a good time to look back on my most favourite and beloved beauty finds of 2012. Note that I am not numbering my choices, as they…

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Goody Quik Style – The Magic Comb

A comb that removes up to 20% of the water from your hair? Come on. How could anything even do that? My hair holds onto water like crazy after shampooing. Rubbing one’s hair with towels is never good, it can…

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Gift Ideas: The Best Body Products

A luxe body product is always a great gift for the beauty junkie in your life, as we are more likely to buy a bottle of Olay at the drugstore for ourselves while hoarding our deluxe make up and perfume….

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Smell Like The Future: Robert Piguet Futur Perfume

Robert Piguet Futur is one of their original fragrances, originally released in the 60s.  At some point it was discontinued, likely due in part to the 60+ ingredients in the original version. Yesterday’s Perfumes has an enchanting review of the…

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