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December 2013


Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips – Lip Protection Gets Pretty

Nothing beats the old standby, Vaseline jelly, for protecting our tender lips from the elements. Vaseline protects, promotes healing and leaves a soft sheen to the lips. I spotted this teeny tiny Vaseline Lip Therapy jar at the drugstore, and,…

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Get Roses In Your Cheeks With These Perfect Blushes

I am always in search of the perfect rose blush. I love powder blushes for their sheer beauty, but sometimes a powder alone can look dry. Especially in cold weather, and if you have dry skin. A cream blush is…

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Holi-Daly™ Tips For Looking Relaxed & Glowing

Ah, the holidays. Time to sit back and relax with family. Sounds easy enough, right? It even “sounds” like a stress-free time. Wrong! As much as we all are stressed out by love seeing loved ones over the holidays, getting…

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Must-Have Nail Polishes For Right Now

A friend on Twitter asked me a question the other day – what is my “must -have” nail polish for the holidays? My first thought was “just choose one?”. The past few years have seen the nail polish world changing…

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A Holi-Daly™ Beauty Gift Guide 2013

It’s that time of year again! Presents for everyone! Here are some delicious lovely items under $100 that I would love get give to my friends. Stay tuned for more Holi-Daly Gifting goodness……Lippmann, Diptyque, Kiehls, L’Artisan Parfumeur, L’Occitane – oh…

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Perfuming My House With Belle Fleur NY & Rive Sud Interior

I love scent, on my skin and in my home. I love a good scented candle and room spray. But, by good, I mean really good. Not crappy and smelling like plastic berries. I swear I can smell a bad…

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Korres Uses Pomegranate, Oak And Quercetin To Give You Baby Soft Skin

I love Korres skincare. I’ve always loved their body lotions and shower gels – the Jasmine is intoxicating – and of course, their cult Korres Lip Butters and Lip Glazes. Predictably I love the Jasmine tone in both of those…

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