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August 2015

Soft, Satiny Lips & The Smoothest Matte Lip Ever: Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur™

I’ve never liked the way matte lip colour feels on the lips. Even the ones that purport to be non-drying are drying to a certain extent. The ones that aren’t are more like a balm, and don’t last long on…

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Essie Fall 2015 Collection: Rock ‘n Roll, Nailed

Rebecca Minkoff for Essie means another gorgeous collection, and their Fall 2015 collection is just that. It’s inspired by vintage 70s rock and roll – think Almost Famous, or Bebe Buell. Those beautiful women and their carefree rocker style are eternally…

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Choosing A New Perfume: Tips From The Perfume Whisperer

So, you want a new perfume. First of all, you should get a new perfume. Wearing the same perfume every day can lead to “olfactory exhaustion”, meaning your nose starts to get accustomed to smelling the same thing every day,…

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I Put Super Charged Greens On My Face: Eminence Organics Eight Greens And The End Of Hormonal Acne

One of my best friends has been singing the praises of Eminence Organics skincare for years. I’ll admit to pooh-poohing organic and natural skincare in the past, but boy have things in that niche changed. I finally went to the…

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Organic Acne Fighters: Odacité & Osmia Organics Skin Oils Kill Zits

Damn you, acne! One would think that by the time we are long past puberty, long past childbearing and on our way to *cough* menopause *cough* that acne would cease to be an issue. It doesn’t have to be menopausal…

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Smell Like Happiness And Soften Your Skin

I love citrus scents. They’re uplifting and boost our mood, as well as simply smelling good. Citrus fragrances are decidedly unisex, which make them perfect for sharing. Citrus fragrances are particularly lovely in hot weather – like drinking a tall…

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