Chanel Le Vernis in Frenzy Is Gorgeous!

Chanel Le Vernis in Frenzy Is Gorgeous!

I couldn’t really think of any other title for this post because Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy from their Fall 2012 collection is beyond beautiful. Just gorgeous! It is the perfect grey-ish nude, with a gentle lilac tone that keeps it from being too pasty or chalky. I feel like it could work with many skintones, as it is warm and cool at the same time. Genius tone, as only Chanel can do. I wanted to post when I had photos of two coats, but this manicure from last Friday is only NOW showing tip wear. I used one coat of Witchcraft as a base coat (my poor nails have been peeling like cray) and one coat of Deborah Lippmann Addicted To Speed as a top coat. Plus time at the cottage and washing dishes at home (my dishwasher broke) and at the cottage. Seriously- I am amazed at the longevity of this. So I will do another post when I do two coats, and perhaps a pedi to go with, as I could not resist the stunning magenta Chanel Le Vernis Suspicious, which is also from the Fall 2012 Collection. Ahhhh….love. I looked at the dark colour from the collection, Vertigo, which is a charcoal grey with invisible shimmer. Sort of like Paradoxal without the shimmer. Not sure if I need it….

This is outside in overcast light


Taken inside in direct natural light

2 coats of Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy in my house, diffused light

Chanel Frenzy is ready to party!

Nice shot of Frenzy in daylight, 2 coats. Teaser shot of Chanel Le Vernis Suspicious on toes…more magenta in real life…

Chanel Le Vernis Frenzy is available at most Chanel counters in North America, although not all have the Fall 2012 Collection in stock yet. It was not available on their website at the time this was published.

Lippmann Billionaire Is A Beauty!

I’ve been looking for the perfect dark green nail polish for awhile now. I’ve had a few that really screamed “This colour is NOT for the over 40 crowd” and were just too juvenile, sparkly or bright. I have and adore Chanel Khaki Vert, but that is more of a muted neutral green. I’ve been thinking a deep dark almost black green, and with no shimmer preferably. Well, I pretty much swooned when Deborah Lippmann’s Fall 2011 colors were launched. There was Single Ladies, the perfect vampy crimson (check) Stormy Weather (deep dark grey- still have to get) and Billionaire- my perfect deep green!
How elegant is this green?
On a sunny day you’d see more green. My phone camera doesn’t capture it…
Lippmann’s Billionaire is a dark neutral green- not too yellow, not too blue- that would work perfectly on any skin tone. Is it really based on the green tone of the US greenback? Maybe. But whatever it is, it’s perfect. My HG green. Dark and vampy, and perfectly office appropriate. It looks dark and elegant, not elf-like or costume-y. It is a sheer almost jelly formula. I applied 2 coats because I couldn’t wait, but 3 would work too. No topcoat- yet- and look at that shine! It applies smoothly and beautifully and has the magical Lippmann formula that makes my nails hard and healthy. Looking for something fun and different for fall? Try Billionaire. It’s so money….
A Beautiful Lippmann/Chanel Mani/Pedi

A Beautiful Lippmann/Chanel Mani/Pedi


I have become a bit obsessed about my mani pedi combos, and, more recently, with finding a perfect blue nail polish.  I wanted a dark blue, that wasn’t too blue or purple, or too bright. As much as I might find those colours gorgeous, and I do, I know my tendencies. History has proven that I don’t like to veer too far outside my comfort zone with nail colour or I won’t wear it. And then Emilie gets it.

So back to my Blue Period and finding The Perfect Blue hue of nail polish.  The Beauty Blogosphere is a wonderful world full of delicious temptations…Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book got me started on my lemming (go here to #3 for definition of lemming) for  Chanel Blue Satin. She was wearing it here and as I gazed at it shining in the sun, I was in love. But I also thought Dior Bond Street might be the one for me. Alas, their dusty denim inky blue was a limited edition and sold out everywhere. Boo. I am also considering the Butter London Big Smoke as seen on LipGlossiping– wow! Maybe for fall… For your comprehensive Blue Nail Polish 101 you simply must head over to Cafe Make Up & compare her lovely swatches. Dior Tuxedo Blue is also gorgeous, but a little brighter than what I wanted. Victoria from EauMG and I had a lovely & enabling discussion about how necessary a blue polish is on Twitter the other day. I’m sure you will realize that if you don’t have a blue polish, you will need one as well…

So, in the end, I got the Chanel Blue Satin, with visions of nautical themed mani pedis dancing in my head. The real beauty of this polish is the fact that a rich indigo navy blue is a classic colour for fashion in every sense of the word. Yet, Chanel manages to make it edgy with an elegant twist, as per usual.  It has the STUNNING hidden shimmer that is a Chanel signature, but what is really neat is that is almost black. No teenage electric blue here. This is as elegant as Rouge Noir, just a different take on a dark vampy mani. Navy is a great colour all year round, so even a nail polish as dark as Blue Satin can work in July. Please pardon my toes…dark colours are unforgiving and can be tricky to apply. My next pedi will be done by a professional….

See that shimmer? Only visible in the sun…

I decided on the Blue Satin for my pedi, and opted for a neutral mani, choosing Lippmann Fashion. Well, I must say I am very happy with it, despite a little buyers remorse that tried to rear it’s head as I applied the dark ink-like colour to my toes. My lovely Sales Associate at my favourite Chanel counter  (The Bay) said it perfectly “Too blue to be black, yet too black to be blue”. How perfectly Chanel. Panic averted, it’s gorgeous and I love it. I will get brave enough to wear it on my fingers! Stay tuned….

Steel Yourself For This Beautiful Chanel Polish

Steel Yourself For This Beautiful Chanel Polish

My amazing Chanel Fairy gifted me with the pretty much unobtainable Chanel Steel and Strong from the Chanel Soho Collection in Fall 2010. She has a knack for tracking these beauties down and for that, I am eternally grateful!
This colour is rich and heavy, and makes me think of those magnetic hematite stones. I feel strong when I wear it. And of course, it is Chanel so the formula is like buttah to apply, I usually just use one coat with some Seche Vite (don’t have this? You need it…) on top. I find darker frosts tend to dull so I re-apply a top coat daily or every other day to keep the shine up.
Natural light
I would have to say Steel is my favourite grey/black nail colour. It has the magical Chanel micro-glitter which is to say, it is practically invisible making it elegant and grown up but still fun. Chanel uses their frost and glitter to add dimension to a colour, not to sparkle up the town Ke$ha style- which is ok, if you like that kind of thing- and that suits me perfectly. For me to wear an almost black nail I need something to make it less stark and dark. The grey-ish blue micro glitter in Steel add that little something. It’s a fun colour, kind of a bad ass colour, and it looks as terrific with monochromatic business casual as it does with jeans and biker boots. Loving it!
What is your favourite black/pseudo black nail colour?

Subtle Beauty: Butter London Yummy Mummy

File this one under all things soft, subtle and neutral. Coco Chanel famously said “I take refuge in beige because it’s natural”. Here, here I say. As much as I love a pop of colour when it comes down to feeling comfy, cozy and at ease, neutrals are where I want to go. In cosmetics, neutrals are easy to wear, and in my opinion are the best way to compliment one’s beauty in a natural & subtle way. You can let “you” shine without the mask of too much colour. That said,  a fun bright lip or nail or a little glow or shine/ sparkle (key: A LITTLE) now and then or for special occasions is a great thing. You may have noticed there are not a lot of “make up” reviews here, ie eye shadows, liners, different blushes and foundations. That is because I am rather boring, in beauty terms, in that I loves me my neutrals, and I tend to keep buying the things I love, which are often the same. Not too much new and exciting neutrals come out (oxymoron, anyone?) and to be honest, as we age, the truth, when dealing with cosmetics, is, less. Is. More.
Ok back to my nails. One of my favourite looks is the Mannequin Hands nail. A step up from the sheer pinks, which are fab and I wear often but sometimes want a bit more. A great thing about sheers and neutrals is the low maintenance vibe. Tip wear hardly shows, so the mani lasts longer.
Butter London is a neat line whose products are formulated without the use of the harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens- they call themselves “3 Free” based on this. Although, so are my usual faves, OPI, Chanel, Lippmann, Dior and Zoya. So it sorta bugs me that Butter London acts like they are the only ones, but, on the other hand, kudos to them for taking the concept and running with it. One thing we do know, is that green beauty is the smallest portion of the beauty market, so I can guarantee you that Butter London’s success is based on their awesome fashion-forward colours and cheeky names. The latest being the “sold out in days” No More Waitey, Katie which was released for the Royal Engagement. And, looks like a sweet colour! One of the other colours I WANT is All Hail The Queen, a gorgeous taupe with sparkle. It was originally called All Hail McQueen but was changed after his tragic death.
Yummy Mummy is a perfect taupe with a teensy bit of shimmer even if the name is gag-enducing. Please. Are we not over this term? Aaannywaaays. The shimmer is more visible in the bottle than on the nail but does add a little something. It is slightly more taupe than the pink-leaning OPI Tickle My Francey, which is my go-to Mannequin Hands shade.  It is lighter and more subtle than the divine Chanel Particuliere, which is super, because I don’t always want to make a dramatic beige statement. If that is possible. Application was a breeze, and with two coats it is opaque but I think three coats might be ideal. All Hail McQueen seems to be YM with super subtle glitter. Hard to describe but gorgeous. I love YM and it is officially added to my rotation.
I got my Butter London nailpolish at a boutique in Ottawa, GreenTree, for around $15, and I have seen the line at Holt Renfrew as well. I’m sure there are many boutiques or spas selling this line, or it can be purchased online at the Butter London website (which also has a Canadian site!) and B-Glowing.

Weirdly Beautiful: Les Khakis de Chanel Khaki Vert Nailpolish

If you are into nail polish and beauty, you know the massive cult appeal of Chanel’s limited edition releases. Some make it into their permanent collection and others just sell out as soon as they hit the counters. Les Khakis de Chanel was a much anticipated collection- photos and swatches of the lovely muted colours have been circulating on the internet beauty blogs for months. I got the edgy Particuliere in the spring, and even managed to scoop a bottle of the oh-so-pretty Rose Confidentiel last month. Both are beautiful muted soft colours- the perfect “griege” and the perfect “dusty rose” as only Chanel can do. The Chanel nail polish formulas are rich and perfect. Sometimes on coat is all you need and the application is flawless.
I have been looking for a green polish that I could wear without feeling like a kid- sounds like an oxymoron, right? Don’t ask me why green, as with any make up obsession there is no rhyme or reason- I just knew Chanel Khaki Vert was the green I needed . Maybe it is the oddly grey hue of green, the dusty feel to the color, that seems just right somehow. There is no question it is seasonal, and utterly perfect for fall. So….WANT. But therein lies the rub- this collection is nowhere to be found. Unless you are my intrepid friend who tracked down the last bottle of Khaki Vert on the west coast while she was on business in Seattle. Did I say saintly friend? So, it made it to my collection, and even my daughter Biddy swooned when we took it out of the box. We immediately did manis and have been admiring our hands ever since.


We were shopping yesterday and one of my favourite amazingly chic and stylish salesgirls grabbed my hand as I was paying, “Is that the Chanel Khaki Vert nail polish?”, she asked, breathlessly. I told her yes…she asked me how did I find it? That she searched high and low….then, she showed me her hand and of course, she was wearing it too.