Getting To Know Our Weekly Roundup Members #6

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Debbi, the beauty guru and mastermind behind DivaDebbi. She is a true beauty junkie (as we all are!) and shares her passion in the most delightful and engaging way. Debbi is a delight and when I read her posts I can only think how wonderful having her as my personal shopper would be! Shop, shop, shop..then maybe lunch? She is stylish, elegant and a true girly girl. Meet Debbi!

When did you start blogging and why? I have always loved to write, but never had much of an outlet for it (though I have penned quite a few Dear John letters for friends over the years). I saw a front page article in the Sunday’s New York Times almost 3 years ago, about people who were easily starting blogs to express their political views. It was my beauty light bulb moment. I am a girl’s-girl and I have always shared advice with my friends. I created my beauty and fashion blog DivaDebbi that afternoon.

Every blog seems to have a special voice – what’s the message on your blog? I purchased my first wrinkle cream when I was 12, so I would say I focus quite a bit on anti-aging products. I love high end products as much as the next girl, but I also spend a small fortune at CVS… I love a good cheat. Professionally, I am a Personal Shopper and season Trends Reports too. People who know me say they “hear” my voice when they read DivaDebbi and often laugh out loud. I love that!

Have you always been a beauty fanatic or did it come later in life for you? What made it blossom? There is not a blip of tomboy in my DNA, so my beauty obsession started very early. My mother is more of a natural beauty, so her face was on in 5 minutes flat. I remember staring with amazement at her lipstick blotted tissues and inhaling her Arpege. I couldn’t wait to be able to do these things myself…which was usually as soon as she left the bathroom.

Tell us a little about yourself. As I said, I am a Personal Shopper and I adore my job! I love my clients, co-workers and the fact that fashion is in a constant state of renewal, so I am never bored. I have wept, many times over gorgeous new receipts. Our son will be going off to college next year. That was another inspiration for creating my blog…I am planning on being extraordinarily busy to help soothe those empty nest aches. I will be heading to NYC for many more Blogger events than I attend now. The city always energizes me and I am looking forward to that.

What’s your daily beauty routine? Oh goodness! Day or night? Let’s narrow it down to night. I remove my eye makeup with warm water soaked cotton balls and Lierac eye makeup remover. I cleanse with Dr. Jeffrey Cream Cleanser and rinse 10x with cool water. I follow that up with whatever 10% glycolic pad I am in the middle of trying and I love Cane & Austin’s version. Every night I use Lierac’s Age-Defense Firming Night Cream. Two or three times a week I use a pea sized amount of Retin-A all over my face and on the alternating nights, St. Tropez Self-Tanning Mousse. The last thing I do before bed is apply hand cream and Smith’s Rosebud Salve to my lips and cuticles.

How many lipsticks/glosses can be found in your handbag at any given time? At least two lipsticks and two glosses per bag, not including the additional 3 or 4 in my makeup bag. I also stash them in my desk drawer and glove compartment.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received? My Grandmother and Mother never left the house “without their face on”. It was a matter of pride more than vanity. There is something gracious about making the effort to present yourself to the world looking your best. Itwas unspoken, but never lost on me.

What’s the most surprising thing you have learned since staring your blog? That we have readers from all over the world! I have loyal readers from Australia, Iceland, England, India nad Russia. Insane!! What a world!!! I am so grateful to my readers and fellow bloggers. This experience has enriched me.

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