Lippmann’s Single Ladies is a Vampy Beauty

And…my love for Lippmann grows again! I’ve been loving her Fall 2011 Collection and got a chance to wear her fabulous vampy burgundy this week- Single Ladies. Wow! It’s not a groundbreaking colour, but it is a classic that deserves a place in every nail polish collection. Deborah Lippmann has a gift for making her colours work on every skin tone- she keeps them neutral. Not too blue, not too yellow- just flattering, all around. This is a deep red wine tone that is quite sheer, it is almost a jelly texture. I think that adds a depth and dimension to the colour that a thick cream would not have. I needed 3 coats but could have got away with 2 in a pinch. Like Billionaire, Single Ladies is uber glossy and shiny. I added top coat two days after the mani just to freshen it up and prolong wear.  Do you do this? You should. I have Addicted to Speed, her quick dry top coat, and add it every other day or so until I change the colour.
2 coats, inside in natural light
If you are a lover of vampy dramatic reds you will LOVE Single Ladies. I’m guilty of collecting various shades of red, but really, they are all different! What are some of your fave vampy shades?
This was 2 coats, outside…3 coats made it a bit darker.
Next….Stormy Weather….
Floris Snow Rose, A Beautiful Cool And Gentle Rose Musk

Floris Snow Rose, A Beautiful Cool And Gentle Rose Musk

I have been coming back around to rose scents lately. Interesting, rose is often associated in aromatherapy with “women’s issues” and helping to balance moods. That’s not to say men can’t benefit from the calming and soothing benefits of the scent of rose, but I notice when there are fluctuations of the hormonal kind I often crave rose. In my powdery scent post, I mentioned my love for Talco Delicato. Floris Snow Rose offers a similar feel- gentle, powdery with a soft babyish musk.
If you are familiar with Rochas Tocade, the iconic & beautiful rose vanilla perfume created by the wonderful Maurice Roucel, imagine Snow Rose as her sweet baby sister. If you aren’t familiar with Tocade and love rose & vanilla, get some- stat! Snow Rose is clean and easy to wear with gentle notes of rose, jasmine, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. It is a calming scent and so aptly named. It has little hints of green freshness that shine through, like a little ray of sunshine in this cool powdery scent.
It is missing the violet note that is common in a lot of rose scents- I love violet but the rose-violet combo evokes lipstick and while lovely, not always what I want. Violet -rose scents like L’Artisan Parfumeur Drole de Rose and Frederic Malle’s perfectly named Lipstick Rose come to mind. Rose and patchouli is also common- the “dark rose”- in perfumes like L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses and Stella McCartney Stella. These are gorgeous but again, not what my sensitive nose has been craving. Then there are bombshell roses like YSL Paris. I love that too and wore it for years but again, looking for soft roses here…Simple rose soliflores can be lovely but for some reason they can end up with a sour note I cannot abide.
Floris Snow Rose is simply pretty and lovely. I adore it, and have received compliments each time I wear it. It is a snuggly skin scent, and could easily work in warm or cool weather. This has earned a top rating in my collection. Sadly, it was a limited edition perfume for Floris. I found it at a discounter, so keep your eyes peeled. It pops up from time to time. There are also a few on eBay right now. Worth getting if you are a rose perfume lover.

Simple & Clean is Beautiful

Love the smell of clean laundry, fresh air & sunshine.
I am a big fan of special scented deodorants, to the point where I rarely buy drugstore products anymore. I love the original Dove antiperspirant but prefer a special perfumed deo. I was at Sephora with my daughters the other day, and after about an hour of wandering we grabbed a few things and were leaving. The part of Sephora that is often most dangerous to my wallet is what I call the candy section. Those little bins full of temptation that call to me with their pretty sparkly offerings. This time I spotted a Clean Perfume deodorant. Now, I know Clean takes a lot of flack in the perfumista world. It smells like cleaning solutions, laundry detergent etc etc. Well, yes I suppose it does, but there is no question that some people just want to smell clean and soapy. The massive success of this product tells us that. And the plethora of flankers tell us people want all sorts of clean smelling stuff. I like a couple of them, but certainly not all. And, I would rather stand in a room of people wearing various incarnations of Clean than next to one person wearing, say, Cool Water. Or Angel. Or [insert your hated perfume here].  These perfumes are by design, soft, and don’t project all over the place.
Sometimes a simple clean scent is actually all I want. Yes, sometimes I want my stunning Guerlains and Chanels, and they will always be my beloved beauties. But my nose is sensitive, even hyperosmic, and sometimes almost any scent is too much. I have sympathy for those who feel a bit sick when someone’s big perfume is taking up the room. That is likely the wearer becoming anosmic to their favourite scent and over applying because they can’t smell it anymore. I’ve heard people say they’re perfume has lost it’s strength or scent. No. You just can’t smell it anymore. People! Before bathing in it, you need to ask someone else’s opinion when you think you can’t smell your own perfume. You are giving perfume a bad name and making it hard for those of us that use a light hand. Anyways, that is my excuse for having so many perfumes of course, so I can go days without wearing the same thing twice. 
Clean came out with some neat add ons to their line a few years ago. Although I never wore the original Clean scent, I enjoy it the scent in the ancillary products like their dry/powder shampoo. It was terrific after a workout, or if any unwanted smells (cooking, smoke etc) were lingering in your hair. The deodorant is excellent. It is free of parabens, sulfates and has no aluminum. And best of all, the fresh scent. It is gently lemony- just soft and innocent and of course, clean. The lemony note takes me back and reminds me of all well loved perfume from my youth- Love’s Fresh Lemon! This deo keeps me dry, lasts all day and my skin feels soft and moisturized. I got the small size at Sephora for $11, and I think it will last quite awhile. The large one is $18 and I may get that one and keep the little one for my travel bag.
How cool is this collage! From the Dana website.

Did any of you wear Love’s? I bought a bottle of Love’s Fresh Lemon on ebay- smells just like remember. Sweet, simple and lemony. That’s it, that’s all. And sometimes, that’s just enough.

Lippmann Billionaire Is A Beauty!

I’ve been looking for the perfect dark green nail polish for awhile now. I’ve had a few that really screamed “This colour is NOT for the over 40 crowd” and were just too juvenile, sparkly or bright. I have and adore Chanel Khaki Vert, but that is more of a muted neutral green. I’ve been thinking a deep dark almost black green, and with no shimmer preferably. Well, I pretty much swooned when Deborah Lippmann’s Fall 2011 colors were launched. There was Single Ladies, the perfect vampy crimson (check) Stormy Weather (deep dark grey- still have to get) and Billionaire- my perfect deep green!
How elegant is this green?
On a sunny day you’d see more green. My phone camera doesn’t capture it…
Lippmann’s Billionaire is a dark neutral green- not too yellow, not too blue- that would work perfectly on any skin tone. Is it really based on the green tone of the US greenback? Maybe. But whatever it is, it’s perfect. My HG green. Dark and vampy, and perfectly office appropriate. It looks dark and elegant, not elf-like or costume-y. It is a sheer almost jelly formula. I applied 2 coats because I couldn’t wait, but 3 would work too. No topcoat- yet- and look at that shine! It applies smoothly and beautifully and has the magical Lippmann formula that makes my nails hard and healthy. Looking for something fun and different for fall? Try Billionaire. It’s so money….

Chanel Quartz is Beautiful & Elegant

How swoony are these colours?
Chanel’s Fall 2011 nail polish shades are simply to die for. Neutral but with a metallic sparkle and iridescent edge that makes them irresistible. As usual. I dithered over the three and ended up with Quartz, thinking it would get the most wear. It is a an elegant neutral taupe frost that reminds me of an Annabelle frosty polish I wore in the 80s. LOVE. As gorgeous as Peridot is, I know myself well enough to say I just would never wear it. More like just admire it in the bottle. I am kind of dreaming about Graphite though….may have to revisit the counter. 
Those aren’t chips on the tips- my nails peeled in 2 spots & are uneven

Thann Jasmine Blossom For Soft Sweet Skin

Continuing in my beloved jasmine theme, I just have to share my latest love & obsession with you beauties. Thann Skincare, which I written about before here, has recently added a Jasmine Blossom Collection to their stellar skincare lineup. I can say honestly, that the scent in their Jasmine Blossom lotion is probably the most beautiful jasmine scent I have encountered. It is absolutely sublime and I am getting the shower cream asap as I can only imagine how gorgeous my master suite will smell after steaming it up with the perfumed deliciousness of the Thann jasmine. 

Thann has managed to find the sweetest, softest, non-idolic jasmine scent out there and add it to a rich & emollient lotion. The jasmine reminds me of the sweet green jasmine scent that I smell in fine quality jasmine tea. With the Thann Jasmine Blossom, you can smell amazing and have soft moisturized skin all at once. I am using it as a rich hand lotion and on the trouble areas like knees and elbows and they are markedly softer and smoother since I started. The lotion is full wonderful magical goodness provided by organic evening primrose oil, shea butter, rice bran oil and organic olive oil. Their signature rice extract softens skin and protects it from antioxidants. 

If you love jasmine and soft skin, get this. I guarantee you will love it. The website is offering a 20% discount if you purchase the lotion and shower cream together, which I highly recommend. They are not inexpensive products, as Thann uses only the finest quality ingredients in their products. And trust me, the minute you feel and smell this, you will become a believer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My back yard…nature’s rainbow…

Happy Thanksgiving to all us Canadians! Its a gorgeous sunny day, with the leaves of the sugar maples painting the sky with gorgeous colour. I have much to be thankful for, and plan to spend a good part of the weekend counting my many blessings. Love to you all xo

When you knew that it was over…
Were you suddenly aware
That the autumn leaves were turning
To the colour of her hair….
Floris Night Scented Jasmine

Floris Night Scented Jasmine

As you know, I am a lover of jasmine perfumes. I was lucky enough to stumble up a Floris perfume windfall at Winners recently (like a Canadian TJMaxx) and one of my fave finds is Floris Night Scented Jasmine. Floris is an English perfumer that has been around for many years- it was actually founded in 1730 and you can read about the history here. It is a classic perfumery with perfumes often worn and loved by, of course, the Royal Family. I also got one that Princess Diana loved, stay tuned for that  review.
Floris Perfumes are simple & lovely perfume compositions, nothing groundbreaking or spectacular, but always elegant and easy to wear. I don’t always need to have my mind blown by my perfume and sometimes I just want to smell good. I am always careful about not wearing loud or overly strong perfumes, as I really feel perfume is a personal passion and only those who get up close and personal (and passionate? maybe…) can share my perfume. Ok maybe a little projection is ok but lets just say if we’re in an elevator together, you won’t suffocate. More likely than not, you’ll ask me what I am wearing. The bottles are simple and elegant, like the scents, and look lovely sitting on the dresser.
Night blooming jasmine, aka Queen of The Night, aka Cesstrum Nocturnum
Night Scented Jasmine starts out clean and fresh with green violet leaves. This note if often used in men’s colognes and is sweet but not cloying. The green leafy note is almost soapy and a favourite of mine. A touch of blackcurrant adds a soft subtle juicy note that nicely balances the heart of white flowers and makes sure the white flowers aren’t overpowering. The heart is busting with flowers like gardenia, iris, jasmine, lily, mimosa, narcissus, rose, ylang ylang but they never overwhelm. There really is a feeling of walking through a lush garden of flowers at night, really quite dewy and fresh. The soft woodsy base of amber, musk, sandalwood and vetiver really ground the sweet floral notes nicely. Easy to wear, and I smell great. Sometimes, that’s all I want.